100 FREE Best One Page Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Templates of All Time

Since January 2014, when for the first time in WWW history, the number of users browsing internet from handheld devices surpassed the number of users accessing from desktop, Bootstrap has become a must for every web developer. Emphasizing on Mobile-First concept, Bootstrap ensures the Responsiveness of a website so that it can be easily viewed without … Continued

A Complete Guide To Card UI Design 2021

Card UI design is a prominent recent trend in web design. It helps one to compartmentalize certain sections on the web page to make it more organized. Card UI design also plays a vital role in user experiences. Users find it more organized and accessible when particular features are put into Card UI. While graphically … Continued

How to Design Informational Pages That Convert

Shoppers tend to read product information pages when they’re in the “decision” phase of their journey. This is the last of three stages in the buyer’s journey. They’re aware that a specific product will meet their needs, but they’re still not ready to pull the trigger. Before they make a decision, they need to weigh … Continued

Top-notch Responsive Navbar collection of 2021

Navbar is a standard user interface component that allows users to navigate websites quickly and comfortably. It is considered as one of the most important aspects of any website. It is a part of a graphical user interface designed to make the whole site surfing much easier for visitors. Navbar helps visitors can understand any … Continued

5 tips for optimizing your eCommerce category pages

eCommerce category pages are essential for any online retail business. They are the pages that show the different items you currently have for sale, and they can have a huge impact on the customer experience. Having optimized category pages makes it easier to attract the right people to your website, and this can lead to … Continued

40+ Login/Sign up Form To Compliment Your Website 2021

Login/Sign up page can be counted as a gateway to extensive user interaction. Usually Login system prevents unauthorized access to private data and allows elaborate communication. It requires username and a password for user identification and authentication. You get to communicate with the admin or get user access to the platform through a login system. … Continued

Best 27 Travel & Tourism Template Built with Bootstrap

If I am not wrong, people have started traveling even before civilization. Traveling helps to connect people and build social bonding. In the present time, traveling is the best way to get out of a busy schedule. It becomes a crucial part of life and a good remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression. People now … Continued

16 Excellent HTML Templates For A Student To Kick-Start Your Online Course Management Website

Creating a website means going through difficulties simultaneously. Any beginner or skilled developer knows that design and templates mean a lot when it comes to a website — a template especially matters for educational websites that aim to engage the audience and have a solid presentation at the same time. A working template could be … Continued

Why Do Developers Prefer Docker Containers?

The testing and deploying of software is an incredibly complex business these days. Many hidden and mind-boggling complexities occur behind the working of the software. Many factors such as UI, database layer, frameworks, code, and libraries need to be considered to provide a rational experience to the users. Creating software is just like solving a … Continued

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