6 Web Ad Types to Benefit through Placement Targeting

6 Web Ad Types to benefit through Placement Targeting

11% of mobile and web surfers often block or untune web ads, and you lose the bait to boost conversions. Hence, to get a better result, you must focus more on your website’s web ad types and their placement targeting.

Along with web optimization and a robust design, you should indeed set up ad design and optimization on your websites since design influences first impressions and how your customers identify with your brand. 

Some fundamental principles can help you up your web ad design and placement targeting and create visually compelling and high-performing web ads. In this article, we will shed some light on the topic and offer your insights into how to design better web ads. 

We hope you’ll get a better understanding of how these work to reap the best results possible.

Intro to Web Ads

Web ads, also known as “online advertising,” are a way to get people to visit your website and get your marketing messages to the right customers. It is a digital marketing strategy designed to be shown and displayed on third-party online platforms or websites deemed relevant to the viewers. 

A web ad defines the market through unique and practical applications and is used to promote product information without geographical boundaries quickly, reach out to a broader range of people, and boost conversion rates to increase ROIs.

6 Types of Web Ads to Choose From

There are two large categories of advertising: digital and traditional. Traditional ads focus on reaching out to enormous numbers of people without focusing on the right targeting. 

On the contrary, digital advertising reaches a wide audience by curbing the internet and can be customized to narrow down any audience by their demographics. 

As we’re focusing on digital advertising in this article, let’s discuss the types there is:

1. Paid Search Advertising

This type involves bidding on keywords to place relevant advertisements at the top of the search engine results page (SERP). This type of search enables advertisers to only pay when the ad is clicked, providing the pay-per-click (PPC).

Paid Search Ad - Web Ad
Paid Search Advertisement

Paid search is effective, targeted, measurable, cost-efficient, and simple. 

2. Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising serves wider reach outs and promotions via social media platforms. These advertisements get quick ROI as it’s a real-time platform.

Social Media Ads
Social Media Ad from Adespresso

You can track all your sales. Also, it allows more freedom for a brand’s identity.

3. Native Advertising

Native ads camouflage themselves to give some ambiguity to the ads, so they aren’t too obvious. This occurs as the advert appears as almost a perfect match to the surrounding contents and usually comes in the form of articles or videos on web pages containing similar material.  

Placement Targeting
Native Ads

This type of advertisement can avail valuable information for the consumers and make the advertising aspect secondary to the message being communicated.

Native ads are non-disruptive as they match the natural content flow.

4. Display Advertising

Display ads have an obvious nature as a unique factor within the field of digital ads since they are implemented subtly. You can design animated ads and the audience can find them on the top or any side of the web pages. They aim for quick conversions and are dependable for such since their potential reach is enormous. Search engines can match the ads with numerous websites based on keywords and targeting preferences.

Placement Targeting
Google Display Ads

This type is extremely prevalent online and can damage effectiveness as they provide no value to the consumers other than a CTA.

5. Product Listing Advertising

Product listing ads, aka PLA or shopping ads, usually appear on search engines when you look up a product. They are PPC ads. They are usually labeled as ‘ads’ making a lower CTR than organic searches. 

Product listing ads on google
Product Listing Ads on Google

If you have a website with low traffic, product listing ads can be an alternative for creating potential leads and increasing traffic on your page.

6. Affiliate Advertising

Affiliate ads are ads that help the publishers gain profit by advertising a product or service made by another store or advertiser through the use of an affiliate link. Using these ads is game-changing as ROI is higher.

Affiliate Ads
Affiliate Ads Example from makelifeclick

You can set the terms for the affiliate program, generating more leads and getting more traffic on the page.

Placement Targeting

Placements are locations for your ads to appear on the Google Display Network or YouTube. It can range from a specific website page to any individual ad unit. It’s a strategy to help you better utilize your ad real estate.

In brief, placement targeting is choosing relevant sites to show your ads, allowing you to place your ads where your customers spend time. Moreover, it will enable you to control the traffic amount from placements by setting individual placement bids.

Placement Targeting Benefits Web Ads

If you’re thinking of placing advertisements through different web pages, you should know how you’ll reap the best gain. Placement targeting benefits you in many ways, such as:

  • Show your ads on specific placements you choose: Placement targeting helps you hand-pick placements to show your ads on the chosen web pages, getting you stronger leads.
  • Show your ads on placements where your customers spend time: You’ll be able to choose the websites that your customers visit frequently and place your ads there using placement targeting. 
  • Control the amount of traffic from placements by setting individual placement bids: Placement targeting helps you measure the traffic for a site you’re using your ads on. You can measure the traffic and change the site you place your ads on to get a better conversion rate and increased revenue. 
Placement Targeting Benefits Web Ads
Placement Targeting Benefits Web Ads

Tweaking the Website for Web Ads

There are things to keep in mind before deciding to use ads on web pages, as ads are crucial. You should bear in mind the following to reap the best results before opting for web ads:

  • Mostly, web ads are bright and dazzling in color. So, you should be aware not to turn the web page into a color palette. You should choose every color in a balanced way or by choosing a moderate color palette. 
  • It’s also crucial to think about available white spaces on the page. Since web ads take up bulk spaces, the designers must follow several layout strategies to provide the ads with a blended-in feel. 
  • Last but not the least, the designers should maintain the balance of the ads and the web content to make the website a total success and provide more concerns to the main flow of content.

Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.

-Henry Ford

Since their beginning, web ads have played a vital role in improving ROIs, giving you more control over your ad campaigns. Ads displayed at the right places increase brand and product publicity leading to higher CTR. Ad placement can make or break the ad campaign. Hence, reaching out to the customers at the appropriate time and place will get you increased CTR and audience engagement. Also, help you leave a durable impression on the target audience.
Be creative with your ad campaign, take some risks and you should be fine with the predicted growth!

By Rafia Aein

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