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Download this free Bootstrap 4 admin template for getting an intuitive admin website with minimal effort. It has all the latest technology behind it.
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Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of the most popular CSS framework Twitter Bootstrap. It comes up with a ton of features only to make your work easy and efficient. Bootstrap templates are a great boon for the developers that allow them to do powerful things. With a free Bootstrap 4 admin template, one can brilliantly monitor the success and activities online.

The focus of this post is to provide a template with a wide range of customization options and features. I’m sure that you’ll find this template very handy if you’re looking for a bootstrap admin template.

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

CoreUI is an excellent and well-crafted, technologically advanced, highly flexible and mature, responsive and customizable free Bootstrap 4 admin template. It’s also lightweight, robust, developer friendly, competent, resourceful, and well-crafted. We recommend CoreUI only if you search for a free Bootstrap 4 admin theme with top-notch quality. Among many free bootstrap website templates, this theme is a powerful, malleable, and engaging one. It’s rare to have terrible build quality, especially in free Bootstrap templates.

Enthralling Components

Buttons: Buttons have various versions as normal, outlined, with icons, large and small size, disabled and active state, block level.

Social Media Buttons: For Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Pinterest and all other major social sites there are a lot of buttons with the size of small, normal and large. And, they are also available with only icons, only text, and icons and text together.

Cards: Core UI has Bootstrap 4 cards with title, footer, icon, switch, label, outline, accent, and color.

Forms: You will find forms for credit cards, company, basic form elements, horizontal forms, normal forms, input grid, inline forms, along with validation states, icon/text groups, dropdown groups, and button groups.

Switches: There are huge variations with switches as default, 3D, pills, outline, active, with text, and size.

Table: Simple, Striped, Condensed, Bordered, and Combined.

Charts: The stack of charts presented in Core UI will help you to show your data with more engagement. Line Chart, Radar Chart, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Doughnut Chart, Polar Area Chart- all are based on Chart.js.

Pages: Login, Register, Error 404, and Error 500 – these are the four ready HTML pages included in the Core UI.

Modals, tabs, Font Awesome icons, Simple Line Icons, widgets.

A Praiseworthy Template

CoreUI is an open source admin template based on Bootstrap 4. It’s the only template you need to use in your project for the purpose of getting a free, high-quality theme. The built-in features of CoreUI are so amazing that anyone can enjoy the flexibility to build an application. Also, modern web building techniques like HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap4, and JavaScript are the core backend components of it. In my view, this is the most trusted admin template so far I’ve seen. Although it’s a free product still, it can compete with any template of the world.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

For multiple platforms, you can apply CoreUI without any hesitation. If you’re using Laravel, Symfony, RoR, Django, Angular or React, it’s okay to work with any of them. The coding quality is upgraded and W3C-valid which means it’s capable of handling high pressure. Webmasters can get a whole array of tools and options to construct a dynamic and cutting-edge website. Therefore, in a very short span of time, a web developer will be able to produce a dashboard to control the system in an interactive way.

Super Powerful Dashboard

As you see, CoreUI has latest JavaScript library in its backend which makes the template a sturdy one. One can use this with Angular, AngularJS, React.js, Vue.js. Moreover, it works on the stable releases of all major browsers. Besides that, it actively runs on Android, iOS, and Windows 10 mobile platforms. Download the template if you want a persistent and advanced free Bootstrap 4 dashboard template which has a clean and professional code structure. Not to mention that it has a beautiful design, as well.

Main Features

  • Built With Bootstrap 4
  • Collapsible Side Menu
  • Fixed Header Navbar
  • SCSS Source Files
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Fast and Light-weight
  • Many Powerful Plugins
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Multiple JavaScript Versions


Till the end of this post, we know you want a free Bootstrap 4 admin template. Get this template and enjoy the taste of top-grade free items. Also, you can check this high-end Bootstrap 4 template or see the full category of admin dashboard templates. Visit our site to find more free website templates and high-quality premium templates.

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