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Basix Admin - Bootstrap 4 Dashboard Template

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Download bootstrap 4 dashboard template free from ThemeWagon. This template is responsive and has a lot of amazing options to customize and build apps.
bootstrap 4 dashboard template

With a bootstrap 4 dashboard template, web developers, and app developers can create projects and maintain them efficiently. No more excuse you can give as this awesome template is completely free and feature-rich. In ThemeWagon, we have already added a number of free admin templates, and you can see a real good one here. As long as you’re not ready to spend for an admin template, a free one can cover what you want if you find the right thing. In the world of professionalism, nothing with low quality can survive for long. It doesn’t matter it’s free or does it cost? But it must keep pace with modern trend be it technology or the design.

bootstrap 4 dashboard template

Basix is free bootstrap 4 dashboard template built with Vue.js. It’s an open source admin template that anyone can use for their project whether it’s personal or commercial. This template is capable of covering all your needs regarding any sort of project creation and handling. Especially, if you require a dashboard to build an app or any other web-based program, Basix will give you the platform to perform all tasks with ease and comfort. The components are easy to move and replace. With a few clicks, you can deliver a well-polished and engaging website for your clients.

Bootstrap 4 dashboard template

It’s composed of 60 and more widgets to make you powerful while you’re trying to build something special. There are multiple sets of icons with a countless number of 5000+ as FontAwesome, Entypo, Glyphicons, and more. The Sign In and Registration page is ready for user’s login and involvement. That’s not all. A bundle of charts lets you display your data with more visual appeal and more accuracy. Three styles of forms like basic, advanced, and form wizard will help you to set the forms for what you want to get. Also, in the template, you will find several formats for adding tables. Seeing is believing. A lot of other entertaining features I didn’t mention here. Check the live demo to have a look.

bootstrap 4 dashboard template

UI Components For Better Apps

Buttons: Badges, Outline buttons, Button tags, Button state, Button with icons, Small button, Small button with icons, Large buttons, and Block level buttons.

Badges: Badges, Badges in buttons, Levels, and Multi color badges.

Tabs: Horizontal tabs, vertical tabs, tabs item with icons.

Social buttons: social media buttons, Small, normal and large variations of social buttons. Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Flickr, Tumblr, Youtube, Dribble, Google+, Instagram, Pinterest, those buttons are available in this admin panel template.

Cards: Profile card with 3 different styles, card title, card footer, card with icon, card with Label, card outline with 6 outline color variations, card header with text, card image title with image and text.

Alerts: Alerts, dismissing alerts, link color alerts, and contents alert box.

Progress bars: Vue progress bars, animated background, animated label, animated stripped, height, stripped, and label.

Modals: Small, medium, large, scrolling and static modals.

Switches: 3d Switch, Switch Default, Switch Default – Pills, Switch Outline, Switch Outline – Pills, Switch Outline Alternative, Switch Outline Alternative – Pills, Switch with Text, Switch with Text – Pills, Switch with Text Outline. There are variations for the switches – large, default, small, and extra small.

Grids: Fixed Grid, Mobile Tablet and Desktop grid, and Offset grid.

Typography: All the title fonts from H1 to H6 are redesigned. There are text selection, highlighted text, blockquote, ordered list and unordered list, well, and address.

Tables: There are three types of tables here. Basic table, tables with color, icons & labels and table with pagination & search.

Forms: Basic form – Credit Card form, company form, Basic Form Elements, horizontal form, normal form, inline form, input sizes, validation state form, Icon/Text Groups, Buttons Groups, Dropdowns Groups, and Example form.

Advance form: Masked input and Vue select

Form Wizard: Basic Wizard – Circle & Square, Tab Wizard – Custom button and title text.

Icons: Brandico, Entypo, Font awesome, Fontelico, Glyphicons, Iconic stroke, Ionicons, Maki, Open web icons.

Widget: Ready-made widget. Cards, line chart, sale widget, Pageviews, Tasks in Progress, Traffic, Timeline, Recent orders, Users dashboard and other necessary widgets.

Charts: There are six types of charts from Chart.js as line chart, bar chart, pie chart, doughnut chart, radar chart, polar area chart

Maps: There four types of maps. Google map, bubble map, leaflet map and line map

Extra: Pages – Login page, registration page, error 500 and 404 page.

Before adding Basix Admin, we have added this beautiful admin template. As we notice your enthusiasm in free admin dashboards, we started to update the admin templates regularly. However, without any confusion, get this template. You can complete successfully your small and medium projects without any hurdle. Take your dashboard to a level of satisfaction and accomplishment. Almost all essential features are there in this template and you can customize according to your desire. The freedom is uncompromised. You’ve got full control over the Basix Admin and you can change where you like. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about the mobile adaptability of your site because it’s responsive by default.

bootstrap 4 dashboard template

Features Included:

  • Bootstrap 4 (beta)
  • Collapsible Left Side Menu
  • Menu Icon
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Badges in Navigation
  • Vue.js Powered
  • 6 Sets of Charts
  • – Line Chart
    – Bar Chart
    – Pie Chart
    – Doughnut Chart
    – Radar Chart
    – Polar Area

  • 60+ Widgets
  • 5000+ Icons
  • 4 Map APIs
  • – Google Maps
    – Bubble Maps
    – Leaflet Maps
    – Line Maps

  • Login and Register Page
  • 3 Form Types

Thank You

Thank all of you for reading the post and visiting ThemeWagon. Also we show our honest gratitude to JewelTheme, the original creator of Basix Admin.

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