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The need for a professional and efficient dashboard is unquestionable for the developers. But it would be real hard for some beginners if the price is high. The free Bootstrap 4 admin template is for those who don’t want to get stuck in the preliminary stage. Thanks to Modular Admin, the Bootstrap 4 free admin template. See the demo first to get an idea whether it can meet your demand.

If you find the most suitable and user-friendly UI toolkit that would be more beneficial to create new apps and develop beautiful projects. An admin page generally subsumes charts, buttons, data tables, and alerts. Besides that, some templates interact more dynamically with animated elements. Admin templates need to be powerful to design and develop an awesome product.

Bootstrap 4 Free Admin Template

Modular Admin is a modular based open source Bootstrap 4 free admin template ready to complete your needs exactly the way you want. It’s scalable, well-designed, colorful, and easy to maintain. The template is also device-friendly which fits on any screen no matter the size of it. The design is modern as well as very powerful to start a new work. Above all the customization options of Modular Admin are amicably better.

Not to mention that the template supports multiple platforms and gives the power to developers to modify. It will work magnificently across big devices like desktops and laptops and small devices as tablets and mobile phones. This admin template is the most appropriate product in the free category.

Customize With Freedom

You can make your sidebar, header and footer either fixed or static along with six color variations.

Items Manager: To create items and to see them.

Charts: Two charts as Morris and Flot is available with Modular admin. They iclude chart variations like bar, pie, line, multiple axes, live, area, donut, and simple one line.

Tables: Modular Admin has two tables. One is static and other is responsive. The static table is available with stripped rows, hover rows, border, inverse, and thread options. Simple and flip-scroll are two types ready for responsive tables.

Forms: You will find a number of options in forms. First, there are boxed forms and underlined forms with simple inputs and inputs with validation. Also, there are radio, checkbox, and input groups. In form layouts, you can see basic, grid, and inline structures. The control of the input sizes helps you to resize them correctly.

More UI Elements

Buttons: There are colorful buttons and buttons with outline. Buttons also have sizes as large and small and types as pill left, pill right, and oval. Block buttons, button group, and button dropdowns will be there as well.

Cards and Tabs: Modular Admin also includes Bootstrap 4 cards and two tabs as basic tabs and pill tabs.

Typography: Typography with a predefined style helps users to decide what to write where. You’ll also get styles for heading, paragraph, anchor text, emphasis class, lead class, blockquotes, ordered and unordered lists.

Icons: They included FontAwesome icons especially for web applications, currency, direction, video player, brand, and medical.

Grids: The ready grids in Modular Admin can be helpful to make your site ready for desktops, tablets, and mobile. Moreover, there are more options like responsive column resets, offsetting columns, nesting columns, and column ordering.

Pages: Modular Admin has seven pre-built HTML pages as login, sign up, reset, error 404 for app and global, error 500 for app and global.

Most Complete and Powerful Equipment

If you utterly need a tool for your online project, Modular Admin meets the requirement perfectly. Having compelling design as well as no cost to use, this template seriously done some awesome tasks that users will love during their development process. Moreover, the template speaks itself regarding the quality of design and the robust platform to generate stunning creation. A free template like Modular Admin can maximize the proficiency of the thing you are going to build.

Template for Pro Developers

The default layout incorporates many features that help to organize your projects and to monitor the progress. By choosing Modular Admin, you can decide which elements to show depending on your necessity. Either way, it gives a great extent of freedom that’s rare to find in a Bootstrap 4 free admin template. Enchanting other features are forms, UI elements, multi-level drop-down, HTML pages, and fixed and static option for the sidebar, header, and footer.

Ready Styles To Run

Admin dashboards are comprised of panels, and there’s a choice for you to pick the beautiful ones from a plethora of premade styles. From the cards, it’s easy to add cards to the panels you want to show dynamically. Other elements except cards are a collection of buttons, drop-down navigations, grid structure, multiple charts, and many other amazing things. Furthermore, as a free Bootstrap template, Modular Admin is a real gem for developers to grow fast.

What’s Inside:

  • Bootstrap 4 Based Design
  • HTML5, CSS3 and Gulp
  • Open Source Dashboard
  • Morris Charts and Flot Charts
  • Static and Responsive Tables
  • Forms With Box and Validation
  • Sass Based Code
  • Colored, Outlined Buttons
  • Multiple UI Elements
  • Fourth-level Dropdown
  • Multi-page Template
  • Fixed Sidebar, Header, and Footer
  • Static Sidebar, Header, and Footer


Are You Ready?

As you are a smart developer, you know that admin templates are not like regular HTML templates. However, you need to build the project following the steps described below.

You need to have NodeJs with npm and Bower installed globally.

1. Install npm dependencies

npm install

2. Install bower dependencies

bower install

3. Build the project and start local web server

npm start

4. Open the project at http://localhost:4000.

Warning! all changes made in dist/ folder would be overwritten on application build.

For more detailed installation information, you can read the documentation here.

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by Aarif Chandra Kuruvilla 6 years ago

Powerful design !!!!!

Got something to discuss?

Sadiq Ahmad
5 years 9 months ago

It doesn’t work like a normal HTML template so don’t expect an index.html. To know how to install it, read the bottom part of the description. Cheers!

Sadiq Ahmad
5 years 9 months ago

It doesn’t work like a normal HTML template so don’t expect an index.html. To know how to install it, read the bottom part of the description. Cheers!

5 years 9 months ago

execelent work…!!!!

Sadiq Ahmad
5 years 9 months ago


5 years 9 months ago

execelent work…!!!!

Sadiq Ahmad
5 years 9 months ago



Modular Admin – Bootstrap 4 Free Admin Template

1 customers reviews

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