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SB Admin - Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

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Download Free and Responsive Bootstrap 4 Admin Template from ThemeWagon, a renowned website for free and premium HTML templates.
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The new Bootstrap 4 features are more beneficial than the previous Bootstrap 3. And the new version offers more freedom and power to the developers. In the market, you can get Bootstrap 4 admin template with a free of charge. Users also feel convenient while controlling their projects with a greatly built admin template. For webs applications and other online projects, people need admin dashboards. They are some solid choices for time-saving and getting a strong foundation to construct something awesome.

Bootstrap 4 Admin Template

SB Admin is a Bootstrap 4 based free and totally responsive admin template ready to download and use right now. It has an ample of efficient plugins and flexible components to for making a framework for web apps dashboard. Needless to mention, with the trending technology the template can be the best selection if you’re hunting for a free Bootstrap 4 admin template.

What You’ll Get Inside

There are three different charts as area, bar, and pie. SB Admin offers a navbar with fixed or static, and it supports light and dark schemes from Bootstrap 4 classes. Also, four ready pages are available with this free admin template: Login, Registration, Forgot Password, and Blank Page. Moreover, it added third level menu items, colorful cards, collapsible navbar, top search bar, and basic data table.

Interactive Charts

Charts are the life of an admin template as they help to determine what’s really happening out there. SB admin comes up with several charts based on Chart.js. Area chart, bar chart, and pie chart are there to display data in a sophisticated way. Furthermore, you need the data table to organize your information in a clean and organized way.

Responsive and Multi-browser Compatible

SB Admin is significantly compatible with all the popular browsers, especially with the latest versions. This is a great option for many people use many browsers and they come from different platforms. As you already know that the template is built with Bootstrap 4, you will get a sturdy and robust framework to work efficiently. Top of that you can see your site without any trouble on the mobile devices.

SaaS Preprocessor

SaaS and Scss are the preprocessors that allow users to customize the code deeply at ease and comfort. Also, they will allow you to control the files in an organized way. You can toggle the navbar to see it in different positions. In the side menu, there is a three-level dropdown option.

Ready HTML Pages

It’s simply more useful if there’s a number of ready HTML templates so that you can start with something. Luckily, SB Admin has four pre-built pages which are really a time-saver. The login page is for sign in as an existing user, the registration page is for the new user, forgot password if someone forgets their password, and a blank starter page for creating whatever you want.


  • Created With Bootstrap 4
  • Unstyled Theme for Easy Integration
  • Custom Panel Styles
  • Ready HTML pages
  • SASS/SCSS Files Included
  • Fixed Navigation Options
  • Side Menu With Dropdown
  • Interactive Tables by dataTables
  • Toggleable side menu
  • Support All Major Browsers
  • Dynamic Charts by Chart.js
  • Fully responsive HTML template

Download SB Admin to get a Bootstrap simple admin template. For more admin dashboard templates, visit our site. You’ll find here free as well as premium HTML5 website templates. You can also read the blog post for free and premium admin dashboard templates

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