2015 was a BLAST! In that year, we, ThemeWagon achieved almost all of our goals and a few Though, we have ended a successful year with outcomes more than we anticipated, we never deviated from our primary objective, which is to help you guys as much as we can at the lowest possible cost. You may have already noticed that almost 90% of our products are either Free or Freemium. And with this fact, the first question that comes on everyone’s mind is- “How are they doing business if they are giving away their products for free?”. Well, what we can assure you from our last year’s experience is that, Business is not just about money, it’s more about engagement with people. That is why, a Thank You Bundle is waiting for you from ThemeWagon.


Why are we offering this Thank You Bundle?

It can be proudly said that, our Free and Freemium Templates were so helpful to people, that they actually started donating us money and suggested and encouraged us to launch Premium HTML Templates! A lot of entrepreneurs told us that relying on donations doesn’t mean business. But you know what? Every night we go to bed smiling, with a happy feeling of actually helping out people.

While working on our annual audit, the first thing that came to our mind is the heartfelt gratitude to our donors. Selling HTML Templates maybe our business, but it is you, our donors and customers who are the soul and spirit of this startup who keep our work running as a never ending source of inspiration. Without you, we may have left this little raft long ago in the stormy ocean. But you good guys did not only gave us hope to overcome this storm, but encouraged us to make it a bigger ship!
That is exactly when it crossed our mind to celebrate last year’s success with all our clients, donors and well-wishers. So, as a token of gratitude, we have decided to offer you FOUR of our Premium Templates (including our trophy templates Reign Pro and California) at once-in-a-lifetime Thank You Bundle.

Thank You Bundle

At regular price, these four Premium HTML templates will cost you $56. But we are willing to give you them all at an unbelievable price of $16 in this Thank You Bundle! So, why won’t you avail it saving $40 at a crazy 72% discount?

Thank You Bundle

This special Thank You Bundle will be available until 20th January, 2016. So, act now! Do not forget to claim this discount!!
Thank You Bundle

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