Open Source Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Panel Template for Backend & Dashboard

Tabler - Open Source Free Bootstrap Admin Panel Template for Backend & Dashboard

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Get Tabler, a free Bootstrap 4 admin panel template to create beautiful templates for your project dashboard & web application backend. It's free.
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Start-off your project with this free Bootstrap 4 admin panel template. It arrives packed with unlimited pre-built components, friendly customizing opportunity, ready pages, and what not! Without further ado, let’s dig deeper.

Tabler – Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Panel Template

Tabler is an open source Bootstrap admin template which brings a lot of pre-made elements to join and make a template according to your need.

Regardless of the device, be it desktop or mobile, Tabler performs perfectly responsive in every situation. Compatible with all major browsers, Tabler has no issues across various platforms.

Modern technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, and jQuery plugins trigger this template to run fast. W3c validated code works like cherry on top with Bootstrap guideline.

Tabler includes more than 20 individual pages that feature countless components and other functionalities. As Sass files are available, the developers can easily control the workflow.


See at a glance below what more it holds:

Alerts: default alerts, alert with icon, alert dismissible, alert with avatar, alert with buttons,
Avatars: simple avatar, avatar size, avatar status, avatar placeholder, avatars list
Buttons: button tag, button variations, disabled buttons, color variations, square buttons, pill buttons, outline buttons, button size, button with icon, social buttons, icon buttons, button dropdown, loading button, list of buttons,
Colors: contextual colors, ordinary colors, tinting backgrounds,
Cards: default card, advanced card, blog post card, row deck, post card with aside image, color variations, card with switch, card with loader
Charts: pie charts, bar charts, line charts, area charts, donought chart, scatter chart, combination chart
Form components: color components, image input, icon input, toggle switches, form fieldset,
Tags: default tag, link tag, rounded tag, color tag, avatar tag, list of tags, tag remove, tag addons,
Typography: text alignment, text transform, letter spacing, line height, basic elements

Above all, the documentation of this tree Bootstrap 4 admin template will surely help when someone gets stuck regarding customization.

Special Features

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Circle Progress
  • Bootstrap Card
  • Vector World Map
  • 13 Ready Pages
  • Form Components
  • Bootstrap Badge
  • Responsive Design
  • Table and Charts
  • Pricing Cards
  • Ecommerce Store
  • Blog Section Design
  • Font Awesome Icons
  • Cross-browser Support
  • Documentation Available

Inside The Box

  • 3 HTML Files
  • 3 CSS Files
  • 1 JavaScript File
  • 1 JS Contact Form
  • 6 JS plugins
  • Demo Images


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