Paper Kit – The Free Bootstrap UI Kit for Applications and Websites

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It’s very simple, your tools determine the excellence of the products you deliver. The excellence of your website is almost entirely dependent on the quality of tools you use or available to you. So, why not make use some of the modern resources available around? Like a proper Free Bootstrap 3 UI Kit?

An App UI Kit?

Firstly, the question arises, what is this App UI Kit thing? Well, it is a file with a lot of useful components important for User Interface elements or User Interface design. It has the ability to merge smoothly with your original creative idea & design. Furthermore, many graphics files (PSD, ASL files), as well as UI components (button, check-bar, progress-bars) often comes included. And, most importantly, time, one thing that has always been and will be most valuable for a human being, Any UI kit is built for saving a lot of that precious time of yours. So, a smart designer is likely to use UI kit to create outstanding visuals effortlessly if he needs to meet the deadline.


A Proper Free Bootstrap 3 UI Kit Download

A proper UI Kit should contain all of the elements discussed above. ThemeWagon has always distributed some top-class free templates for you. This time we’re presenting you a beautiful UI design kit, known as Paper Kit. Firstly, it is a free Bootstrap 3 UI Kit, present for you to get going. Moreover, the presence of necessary elements, tutorials and example pages make the usage of this kit easy and convenient. What differentiates this from other UI kits is, it’s not flat, iOS or Google’s material design inspired. This is something entirely new & hopefully will help you to create something new.

What’s inside of this UI Kit

To begin with, this kit has a strong focus on eye-catchy typography, meaningful drawings and on-scheme colors. It contains all the necessary elements an UI Kit should have. For example, Buttons, Input boxes, Checkboxes, Sliders, Progress bars all are available in this free kit. Furthermore, different styles for images, javascript components like Date-picker, Carousel & pop-overs is there too. Most interestingly, this free kit has three pre-built pages such as Landing page & Register page to show you how it really looks on a page. So, you can check that out and decide if it’s proper for you or not. You also have the flexibility to choose from a color range of Light Blue to Orange.


Fields of Usages

As mentioned earlier, it’s straightforward to use. Front-end of any Laravel project can be designed using this kit on the go. Furthermore, with just a little modification, this kit has opportunities to be converted and used as an Angular, Vue or React JS project as well. Now, it’s your choice, if you want to use this for a full fresh project or for upgrading an old one. What this means is, this kit is not only for web designers but also for web developers too! No matter what, the cost is zero. Cause, it is fully free for you to download.

Responsiveness & Credits

The building block of this UI Kit is the famous Bootstrap 3. Thus, full responsiveness is ensured. Most of its components are redesigned to give them a new look. If not retouched, it’s from the default Bootstrap. Interesting part? The original creator of this kit, Creative Tim says, all new Bootstrap 4 support is on the way for this beautiful UI Kit. So, three cheers to them!

Features at a Glance

    • UI Kit
    • Bootstrap 3
    • Sample Pages
    • Available Basic Elements

-Radio Button
-Progress bars & Sliders
& more

    • Available Javascript Components


  • Fresh Color Scheme
  • Top-class Typography
  • Pre-made Tutorial Page
  • Re-designed Components
  • Color Range – Light Blue to Orange


Wrapping Up

Have you downloaded this UI Kit? Congratulations! But, free templates only show you the tip of an iceberg. To discover more, explore what Premium Templates we have to offer! Then, you can have a glimpse at our Free Templates too! Furthermore, if you want to know about related matters and want to keep up to date with latest updates, releases, promotions and more, our Blog awaits you!

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Paper Kit – The Free Bootstrap UI Kit for Applications and Websites

1 customers reviews

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