Now I can put a website in my wallet!

-that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw this HTML5 template.

Well, if you are a visually biased person, you too are bound to agree with me that this is the best Bootstrap4 HTML5 template designed so far. A few months ago, when we were having a heated debate over the superiority between onepage and multipage websites, a very talented (and crazy) designer of us suggested that it would be best if we could place all the contents of a multipage website in a onepage one. We challenged him to design such an HTML template. And there is no shame in confessing that it was one of the best bet to lose. That highly creative (not to forget, CRAZY) designer not only designed the whole thing in one-page, but in one single screen! And, that is the day, Boots4 was born.


We won’t bore you narrating the features of this amazing one-of-a-kind Bootstrap4 HTML5 template. You can read details here. You better see for yourself what is in Boots4- the best Bootstrap4 HTML5 template yet (which is a treat for the eyes, that can be assured). But what we can say is, for which purposes is this Bootstrap4 HTML template suitable for:

  • Small agencies and businesses
  • Creative agencies
  • Startups or entrepreneurships
  • Personal websites
  • Photographers
  • Landing pages
  • Portfolio

Fun facts:

  1. A few of our friendly competitors laughed at us when we were giving away this template for free. 🙁
  2. Those same people are still laughing at us for not selling this template for a higher price! 🙁 🙁

Don’t waste your time and download the best Bootstrap4 HTML5 template now! Let it be the template that you work with on your very next project and be amazed with a new experience.

Download Boots4 Now!

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