What to Consider When Redesigning Your Website Logo

For any online business, first impressions matter. A strong logo will definitely leave a great first impression on any visitor. After all, we’re visual creatures, and the best logos tend to exploit that trait with strong, memorable visuals that say volumes about your company, its values and what it has to offer.
So, it’s no wonder that online businesses approach redesigning their logos with ample caution, if not outright fear and trepidation. After all, why mess with success? But perhaps that successful logo isn’t doing so hot after a few years. Or maybe it’s just time to freshen up your logo’s visual appeal. Either way, there’s plenty to consider as you revamp your brand’s visual identity.

How to Know If Your Logo Needs a Redesign 

Knowing when to revamp an old logo isn’t easy. Fortunately, there are a few ways to tell when your brand could benefit from even the most minor of design changes:

Is Your Logo Outdated?

Let’s face it – even logos that are timeless classics can get a bit stale with age. Others can age horribly and wind up a relic of the period they were designed in. If your logo no longer looks modern or relevant to audiences, then it’s time for a change.

How Are Your Sales?

Believe it or not, the overall success of your logo can also have an impact on sales figures. Is your current logo bringing in the kind of customers and traffic your business needs? A stale logo can just as easily put the brakes on your sales momentum if you’re not careful.

Does Your Logo Draw Attention?

Can you really call a logo that doesn’t stand out a “logo?” Maybe your current logo isn’t drawing the kind of attention your business needs. Or perhaps your logo was based on the once-latest trends that are nowadays old news.

Does It Fit Your Brand Voice?

Your logo isn’t just the “face” of your company – it’s also the “voice.” A great logo says volumes about your brand, including what makes it unique and the messaging you want to be associated with.

Why Your Logo Needs a Redesign and Why It’s Important

Perhaps your company’s shifting gears, and you need a new logo to reflect its changing focus. Or your current logo looked good 10 years ago but needs an update for a new era. Or maybe your current logo isn’t quite ready for the digital spotlight and needs a few tweaks before showtime. These are just a few common reasons why you’d want to give your logo a sorely-needed redesign.

But before you toss your old logo into the dustbin of history, consider if it really needs a redesign. While a successful redesign can pay off tremendously, an unnecessary one could have a negative impact on your brand and its ability to attract both new and loyal customers.

Also, keep in mind that there’s a difference between refreshing one’s logo and redesigning one. The latter usually involves a few minor changes, like updating the color scheme or simplifying the logo to its more basic elements, that help update the logo’s look and feel without completely changing its style or character. A redesign, on the other hand, is a complete overhaul with drastic changes that have a sizable impact on the logo and its messaging. Think of the transition from “Federal Express” to “FedEx,” for example.

What to Consider in the Redesign Process

Even if you’re ready to dive headlong into a logo redesign, you’ll want to stop and think about what you’d get out of it, let alone how to approach the redesign process. Your logo isn’t just your brand’s voice, but also a crucial part of your company’s marketing strategy. Here are a few questions you’ll want to ask yourself before taking the plunge.

What Are Your Redesigning Goals?

First, consider what you want out of your logo redesign. Perhaps you want to reach a broader audience, grab the attention of loyal followers with a fresh new design or just stand out from an increasingly crowded field of competitors. Whatever the case, you want your redesign goals to be as clear and straightforward as possible.

Does Your Logo Express Your Brand Voice?

As your brand grows, it may evolve in a way where its brand voice and the logo used to express that voice no longer match up. When the two fail to match up, it can easily send mixed signals to your customers. Your brand’s logo should always be in sync with its personality.

Who’s Your Target Audience?

Consider your audience and how a potential logo redesign might impact their perception of your brand. Of course, you also want your redesign to resonate with new audiences. A great logo redesign will not only satisfy your loyal customers but also bring newer customers into the fold.

Does It Stand Out from Your Competitors?

Take a good look at what your competitors are doing and compare that to not just your current logo but any concepts you have in mind. If your current logo blends in with what everyone else is doing.

Where Will You Be in 10 Years?

Permanence is never a given when it comes to logos. Even the most iconic examples aren’t always guaranteed to survive for years on end. Think about where you see your business in the next 10 years, and your logo may resonate with audiences at that time.
Something else to consider when redesigning your logo is how it’ll look on social media platforms. After all, you’ll want a logo that looks just as good on your company’s Twitter or Facebook account as it does on printed media. A great logo that’s optimized for social media not only enhances your brand’s selling power but also conveys your messaging in a way that resonates with social media users.

How to Redesign Your Logo 

With the decision to redesign your logo settled, it’s time to decide just how to approach the redesign process. There are several paths you can take, each one offering its own unique set of perks and drawbacks.
As you redesign your logo, you don’t want to get too carried away and create something new that’s also unrecognizable to your audience. While you don’t want the same-old from your revamped logo, it is important to keep the iconic elements that underpin it lest you accidentally weaken your brand’s visual impact.

Do It Yourself

One option involves redesigning the logo on your own. After all, how hard can it be to draw your own logo? That depends on your own level of skill, not to mention how much time you’re willing to take out of your schedule to get the job done. At a minimum, you’ll need the following to make your DIY redesign work:

● Functional design know-how or at least plenty of time to learn the ropes.
● Enough time to go through the entire design process without taking shortcuts or rushing through key points of the process.
● The latest in professional design software and the requisite training to make it seamlessly work.

If you have the time, the design experience and the tools needed to create a logo, the DIY approach makes sense. Unless you’re already a pro at creating memorable, high-quality logos, there’s no guarantee that your project will turn out as you envisioned it. If you’re a complete novice, then you’re better off with the next option on our list.

Use a Logo Design Tool

Logo makers are designed with the average novice in mind. These range from template-based tools with a huge catalog of ready-made designs to algorithm-based logo design tools that automatically choose the design best suited for your needs. Both offer a wide variety of customization options that let you fine-tune your creation, which includes controlling the size, spacing and proportion of various elements within the design.

Logo design tools are great if you want to make a logo but don’t have the software or the experience needed for a successful DIY design. They’re also great if you don’t want to spend a lot of money on a professional designer. On the other hand, designs generated by logo makers can look and feel a bit stale and uninspired, plus they lack the polish that a professional logo offers. And speaking of professionals…

Hire a Designer

The last option involves hiring a graphic designer. Not only can an experienced designer deliver designs with an incredible level of professional quality, but they also have the skill and expertise needed to create truly unique works. Hiring the pros may cost quite a bit more than the other options mentioned, but you’ll get the best results. If you plan on hiring a graphic designer, be sure to ask for references along with samples of their most recent works.


Remember, your logo is the most visible aspect of your brand. A thoughtful redesign of your logo not only breathes new life into your brand but also keeps your brand relevant and visible to a wide variety of audiences.

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