3 Ways to Use Technology to Enhance E-commerce Customer Experience

There is no doubt that providing a good customer experience is essential for businesses to stay on track, grow, and make sales. 73% of companies with good customer experience are known to perform better financially than their competitors and bring 5.7 times more revenue.
A high-quality customer experience ensures loyal customers that keep coming back, your presence in the world of mouth, and gives you an additional plus over numerous competitors.
The digitalized world offers a great variety of technology that helps eCommerce businesses to enhance the customer experience. Not many know about the possibilities that are out there.
With the help of this article, you can become the one who uses technology to its fullest and creates a top-quality customer experience. We have discovered 3 ways to do so.

Augmented Reality

“One of the main reasons why many customers prefer offline shopping is the possibility of touching and seeing the product in real life. It is especially valid for older generations, and eCommerce businesses miss out on a lot of potential customers because of this problem,” – an expert from Preply.com claims.
Augmented Reality helps customers to see how a product will fit in their lives. For example, it is quite complicated to understand how an armchair will look in the living room: is the size right, how will it fit in into the color palette. It is also better to visualize outfits, makeup products, etc.
Therefore, you will partly eliminate the problem by allowing customers to see virtual objects and their place in real life. It is an extremely engaging customer experience that will ensure your new customers and stand out among your competitors.

Voice Technology

We are getting quite lazy these days. We do not write anymore, we text. We are starting to stop texting and say things with a voice message. We do not search for contact numbers or put searches in Google, we ask Siri, Google, or Alexa to do so. Even standing up to turn off the lights is out – you can just clap.
So if you provide your customer with a possibility to voice their order instead of typing and searching around, they will love you!


Customer support is a big part of the customer experience. While the quality of customer support is measured with many KPIs, the speed is known to be among the most important.
Unfortunately, not every customer service has enough employees to answer everyone within a minute and customers do not like to wait. In fact, customers expect to get an answer in chat within 45 seconds. In order to fulfill these requirements, you have either to employ many customer support experts and spend a lot of time in their learning or you can get a chatbot that will answer in less than one second.
Therefore, with a chatbot, you do not have to spend time and money on employees and provide the best customer experience out there.


A high-quality customer experience builds trust, loyalty, and gives you more sales than ever. Technology made the process of getting the best customer experience so much easier. It even provides customers with opportunities that any employee could.
Try to implement Augmented Reality, voice technology, and chatbots in your eCommerce store, lean back, and enjoy the benefits!

By Sabrin Nowrin

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