Tailwind Starter Kit - A beautiful Extension for TailwindCSS

Tailwind Starter Kit - A beautiful Extension for TailwindCSS

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Tailwind starter kit is a free extensive template made of tailwind CSS. It comes with lots of ready dynamic components and features.
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Tailwind starter kit is a beautiful UI kit built with Tailwind CSS. It’s a free and open-source website theme. It comes with lots of ready components that are dynamic and help you get started faster. You can adjust the colors and also the programming language. You can change other components according to your needs. Tailwind starter kit also comes with a huge number of fully coded CSS components.

Free Responsive Tailwind CSS Starter kit

Besides, Tailwind starter kit offers multiple HTML elements, dynamic components for ReactJS, Vue, and Angular, CSS components, JavaScript components, documentation, and many more. All components perfectly fit with one another and can have different colors as well. Tailwind starter kit also got some ready pages like a landing page, profile page, login page, and dashboard. It was created for developers by developers. You’ll appreciate how simple it is to operate with the Tailwind Starter Kit.

Key Features

  • Multiple HTML elements
  • Dynamic components for ReactJS, Vue, and Angular
  • 120 fully coded CSS elements
    • Buttons
    • Intputs
    • Labels
    • Navbars
    • Progressbars
    • Paginations
  • One Free dashboard
  • One Free landing page
  • One free login page
  • One free portfolio page
  • 16 Javascript dynamic components
    • Alerts
    • Dropdowns
    • Menus
    • Modals
    • Navbars
    • Popovers etc.
  • Documentation
  • Fully responsive
  • Latest browsers support

In the box

  • All demo images
  • HTML5 & CSS files
  • Font icons
  • Javascript source files
  • Library and plugin files

Libraries & Plugins

Thank you for downloading Tailwind Starter Kit.

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