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Plantilla - Free One-Page Agency Website Template with Twitter Bootstrap

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Plantilla is a free responsive one page bootstrap agency template. A great one for your personal or small agency website. A template crafted with bootstrap.
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ThemeWagon has designed and distributed plenty of one-page free responsive one page bootstrap agency template with the years of experience in this field. Plantilla is one of them indeed.
The very classic and cool designed web template what you exactly need and want for your personal website, it’s Plantilla!
Plantilla ranked on the top among all the one-page templates the Themewagon team has produced and published yet.

Why Plantilla?

Plantilla is a very standard free responsive Bootstrap agency template that comes with low on weight, super flexibile and a very elegant looking design. It was made following the smart trend of the one-page web system. And you are getting one of the best free responsive one page bootstrap agency template For Free!
When one gets the best for me, Sounds a good deal obviously!

One Page free responsive one page bootstrap agency template

Plantilla is an one page free responsive one page bootstrap agency template. You can arrange your all contents in a beautiful manner here in a single page. It has a about section, a portfolio section made with Bootstrap modal, a service section to show what service you provide and a nice, simple contact section to reach you. So, it is totally a perfect free responsive one page bootstrap agency template in single page slim design.

Responsive and Mobile Friendly – the one feature everyone needs

The first and formost requirement for a good and acceptable website is responsiveness and mobile friendliness. So is true for HTML5 templates. But what makes this criteria so crucial? Because more than 90% people surfs the internet through mobiles and handheld devices. Thats why responsiveness is a must. Plantilla is a free responsive one page bootstrap agency template which is scalable to every screen sizes and looks perfect anywhere. You can check the responsiveness in your iphone, ipad, macbook or imac.

What facilities are we providing you inside ?

Plantilla comes with a very standardized and graceful outlook and view.
The five leveled menu system of this free responsive one page bootstrap agency template keeps the main page clean and stress-free.
This is one of the reasons of its becoming our top ranked. It’s enough to fulfill all your necessaries very gently. The menu system provides the features-


What for your home page is ?
It obviously to give a polite and sharp intro of your business or service.
This section provides the basic information about the services and details about the possible necessary information.
With all this possible thinking this page is kept as the home page and it’s doing very good.


Portfolios are helpful to write down and keep essential information around. Your work experience and the customers you’ve dealt with or the services you’ve provided can be stored here with every possible detail. There can ba a possible intro of your entire team and associates.
Images can be provided with the details. The portfolio section is built with Bootstrap Modals and have a different look.


The service section provides the complete details about your business, work and the service details with a decent amount of information to make your customer well aware of your working sectors.
The every possible detail are the only way to make your customer aware of what service you are providing. One absent work detail might make you loose your future customer. So before you fulfill this section with your essential information you should be careful enough to note every point.


Your past and present clients will be the key feature for your future clients. There is an entire section to illustrate the work deals your business organization has done or about to do. Just put the names here and details of your honorable clients here.
You can possibly ask your clients for a review or a comment to post on this section about the service you’ve provided them.


All the details of you contact information stays here.
Office address, direct calling numbers mail, e-mail, and all the mandatory information.

Cool Features:

  • One Page
  • Responsive and Mobile Friendly
  • Built with Bootstrap
  • Modal enable Portfolio
  • Sticky Top Navigation bar
  • Fully Customizable
  • Clean and Simple Design
  • Free License

The best always choose the best!
Thanks in advance for using

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