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Savory - Free Multi Page HTML5 Portfolio Template

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Free download Savory, a fully responsive website template with Bootstrap. A Free Multi Page HTML5 Portfolio Template for creating outstanding websites with ease.
Free Multi Page HTML5 Portfolio Template

When it comes to introducing free, fresh and fully working templates for you, ThemeWagon has always been a step ahead and it has become officially the number one site for free HTML5 templates. This time we present you another free yet excellent bootstrap template. Savory, a free multi page HTML5 portfolio template supported and designed by Mashup Template.

If you are new to the web development and plan to develop your online portfolio or blog site with a starter template, giving Savory a try will be a nice idea. Undoubtedly it’s cool enough to satisfy both the creator of the website, which would be you and the person visiting it, which would be most important to you!

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Will you want this Free Multi Page HTML5 Portfolio Template?

If you want to be a personal website owner and you think your portfolio and previous project work needs showcasing this template is the template to get for you. It will perfectly fit any personal websites or blogs. Additionally, any agency can use this Free Multi Page HTML5 Portfolio Template. And with necessary modifications, it can be used for other purposes too!

Responsive and SEO friendly free multi page personal bootstrap template Savory

The importance for your website to be an SEO (Search Engine Optimized) is high. It is the work of an SEO friendly template to make sure that your website gets the proper visitors for a particular search result in GOOGLE and other search engines. Savory, the free HTML5 multi page portfolio template takes care of that too! It’s unique URLs and meta descriptions help you to get higher ranks in the search results
Savory is a template based on Twitter Bootstrap, meaning no matter what device you are from your site will look beautiful. It ensures an uninterrupted view on bigger screens as well as on tiny displays. Apart from being mobile-friendly, Savory also works on modern and popular browsers very fine.

Savory at a glance

Multiple pages of Savory are
A Homepage containing different portfolio cards which will link to your probable projects.
An About section with image that enables you to describe you or your blog/agency.
The Service section is there to help describe the services you offer.
It also contains a Contact page with social media icons!
Free Multi Page HTML5 Portfolio Template

Key Features

  • On Hover Hover-lay
  • Responsive Layout
  • Sticky Side Bar
  • Multipage HTML5 Template
  • CSS3 Animations
  • FontAwesome
  • Clear & Minimal Design
  • Bootstrap Based
  • Easy to Use
  • Social Media Icons
  • It’s Free!


Mashup Template has made this awesome template. Credit goes to them.

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