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Apex App - Responsive Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

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A supreme quality Free Mobile App Landing Page Template. Beautifully designed & ready to launch your upcoming mobile or other applications. Download now!
Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

Themewagon contains a wonderful collection of landing page templates. Some of the best free and premium a Landing Page Templates are available here. The legacy continues, and it’s high time to add another feather in the cap. So, introducing to you, Apex App, an attractive, responsive, one page, Free Mobile App Landing Page Template. Most interestingly, available for you to download without spending a single penny.

More about this Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

As said earlier, this HTML5 landing page template is an exclusive, one page, multiple section enriched, responsive, Free Mobile App Landing Page Template. So, if you’re looking for a landing page to launch your upcoming mobile app, give that hunt a pause. Instead, come with me and explore what Apex App has to offer.

Eye-catchy, Creative & Unique Design

Let’s say your upcoming application has high potential as a product. It has every necessary element according to people’s demand. You’ve almost finished the development, have started the countdown. Your app is already on the landing page & waiting to launch. But, the landing page you used to display the app, is really dull. Because of a poor design, it fails to showcase what your excellent app might have to offer. Definitely, this arrant failure hampers your progress. Using a creative & intelligently designed template is the key here.

Thankfully, our Free Mobile App Landing Page Template takes care of that part. First of all, it has 10 different color schemes to chose from. These color schemes are applicable to a set of beautiful background images which run throughout the page as it has parallax effect enabled. In combination, these two features help you giving your site an aesthetic look. Furthermore, it has 400+ icons to chose from, which are inspired by Fontawesome icons. Its burger menu remains sticky on the top right corner and helps the navigation all over the page. So, the visitor never feels lost.
Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

A Perfect Match For Showcasing Your Mobile App

The first impression is always important. To begin with, the full-screen featured image section welcomes your visitor with a nice impression. As they scroll deeper, they discover more attractive and important sections like App screenshot or a Promo video.
Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

For any of their common queries, there lies a FAQ section.
Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

Additionally, all of the famous social media icons are located near the bottom which creates links toward your social media presence. Then, a AJAX PHP contact form makes sure communication is possible between you & your site’s visitor when needed.
Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

Lastly, how sarcastic it would be if all of these are available but there is no section for downloading the new app! So, our Free Mobile App Landing Page Template has a special and dedicated section for that too! This app download section is animated with parallax effect which makes it even more charming.
Free Mobile App Landing Page Template

Technologies Used & Assurance of Responsiveness

A mobile app landing page without the responsiveness throughout different devices? If that was true, it’d have been funnier than a Jim Carry comedy! So, I don’t think you have to be a clairvoyant to guess, this is a fully responsive template. Bootstrap v3.3.7 is the building block of this Free Mobile App Landing Page Template. A framework which is famous for making websites responsive all around the globe. On the other side, top-notch technologies including HTML5, CSS3, PHP also helps to make this template more functional.

Available Features

  • Bootstrap 3.3.7
  • Slick Slider
  • FAQ Section
  • Social Media Icons
  • Clean HTML5 / CSS3
  • Animated Burger Menu
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Ajax PHP Contact Form
  • Promotional Video Section
  • Full-screen Featured Image
  • 10 Background Color Schemes
  • 400+ FontAwesome Based Icons
  • Dedicated Section For App Download


Markups Templates created this cool Free Mobile App Landing Page Template. Let’s give them a big round of applause!

Finishing up

Have you been impressed yet? I hope you are. Now, if you’re interested enough, you can explore what other Landing Page Templates we offer. Themewagon also has a huge collection of Free Templates of various categories for you. Furthermore, you can have a visit in our Premium Template section too. Trust me, we won’t bite!
Last but not the least, don’t forget to have a glance at our Blog for gathering info about latest trends, updates and promotions! Themewagon team wishes you all the very best with your new application!

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