Free Material Admin Template With A Colorful UI and Enormous Flexibility

Material Admin - Simple and Free HTML5 Material Admin Template

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Get this free material admin template which is built with latest technology and modern trend. It will alleviate your efforts towards crafting a dashboard.
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Based on Google Material Design, Bootstrapdash introduced this new free material admin template. It’s diligently crafted to ensure a better experience for the developers. Ready components and multiple UI elements make the template powerful and easily moldable. Not only the interface is attractive, but the template is easy to control, too.

About Free Material Admin Template

Material Admin comes with a set of components and a colorful UI. A search bar is available on the top which helps to find something inside the dashboard. The next to search option, three icons illustrate for notifications, widget, and more options or ellipsis menu. On the left, the sidebar is collapsible with a click.

Now go to Forms and see the elements added there to scale down your effort comfortably. Switch, menu item selection from a list, text field, checkbox, and radio buttons are ready to customize here.

Moreover, the UI features have two items: buttons and typography. Text Buttons, Raised Button, Unelevated Button (Experimental), Stroked Button (Experimental), and Custom button (Experimental) are the variations on button design. Also, there are CSS only buttons, too. For Displaying headings, title, subheading, paragraph, primary and secondary texts, the typography section provides a clear guide.

And there is a different set of tables named basic table, hoverable table, and striped table in this free material design template. Powered by Chart.js Material Admin has included several charts as line chart, bar chart, area chart, doughnut chart, pie chart, and scatter chart.

4 sample pages as 403, 404, 500, and a blank page can save your time and give benefits while needed. For backend programming, developers need a dashboard for application development, and Material Admin provides that support to you. A free website template like this is obviously a great boon for the users.


  • Sticky Header
  • Dropdown Menu
  • Top Search Bar
  • Collapsible Left Sidebar
  • Sample Pages
  • Material Icons
  • Multiple Charts & Tables

Into the box

  • 1 HTML File
  • 1 CSS File
  • 4 JavaScript Files
  • Demo Images


Last Words

To conclude, you should try more admin templates on our site that are built mostly with Bootstrap 4.

Moreover, we have free HTML5 templates in the free category. As our premium admin template is under construction right now, you can buy other painstakingly built premium HTML5 templates. Start with Elixir first to get an idea of how cutting-edge and up-to-speed template looks like. By the way, it’s’ a business template, for a quick note.

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