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Sonar - Custom-scrolling Free HTML5 Photography Template

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Photography is a creative work and this free HTML5 photography template understands your passion. Now is the time to show your polished work to the world.
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Meet Sonar, the all-new free HTML5 photography template. It elevates your photography to a new level of creativity and engagement. No matter the destination, you can get there faster than ever with Bootstrap 4, unconventional design, brilliant graphics, and more.

Sonar – Free HTML5 Photography Template

Build your website flawlessly, build with Sonar. The sticky navigation holds social media icons and burger menu while the carousel slider fascinates users. Similarly, the whole structure portrays a uniquely styled layout which is not so common on other free HTML5 templates.

In like manner, this template comes with all the superb options simply to make your experience memorable. The black and white color scheme, back to top button, and above all, the image presentation style – everything pertains brilliance. Not to mention that it’s perfectly responsive.

Welcomed with a beautiful preloader, the full-width header makes it compelling. One other thing, this template works with a nice custom scroll that adds more beauty. Now click on the burger menu and visit the pages since the template is a multi-page. Every page displays creativity at its best.

Furthermore, the elements page will let you do more. Collect the ready elements such as progress bars, accordions, loaders, or counters. Place them to customize your pages. Additionally, the custom icons and Google Maps enabled contact page are the super powers of Sonar.

Special Features

  • Bootstrap 4 Template
  • Creative Burger Menu
  • Sticky Navigation
  • Multi-page Layout
  • Ghost Button
  • Attractive Preloader
  • Social Media Icons
  • Email Subscription
  • On-hover Effects
  • Percentage Bar
  • Countup Counter
  • Parallax Effect
  • Custom Icons
  • Google Maps
  • Font Awesome
  • Smooth Animation
  • Sortable Gallery
  • Accordions Available
  • Element Page
  • Back To Top Button

In the box

  • 7 HTML Files
  • 6 CSS Files
  • 6 Javascript Files
  • SCSS Files
  • Demo Images


Final Remarks

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