Free HTML5 e-commerce Template with Multiple Pages and Amazing Fuctionality

Amado - Free Multipage e-commerce Template

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A Multipage Free HTML5 e-commerce Template. Animation enriched, amazing functionality & includes all necessary sections for a free HTML5 e-commerce template
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Today, we have a well built free HTML5 e-commerce template with fantastic functionality. It has usage as any kind of product based online store website. Its responsiveness and color combination will give your e-commerce website an appealing & attractive look.

About Amado – Free HTML5 e-commerce Template

This multi-page template can provide your customer a comfortable shopping experience. It’s a simple but cleanly built free website template.

Amado poses a really good looking charm for its sophisticated animation and color combination. Combination of product photo, pricing and tile will create the first impression. All of them has on-hover animation which will give a smooth experience.

Then, it has a left aligned static menu bar. It’s not only a navigation bar but also you can link towards the running discount offer and new arrival through two built-in call to action buttons.

Additionally, it has a unique email subscription section. It is a multipage responsive free website template with several fully customizable sections.

This is a free HTML5 e-commerce template and to have a comfortable and happy shopping, you have options to make customize searchs and save items as favorites. Amado has distinguished feature for displaying different products too.

The Checkout page is unique and very much functional. It has every necessary information box a shopper might need to place an order. Also, it provides a mailing feature- popular for making a surprise with presents.

Another special feature of this template is, it has SCSS files included. So, you can do further modifications.

Last, but not the least, this free HTML5 e-commerce template has a plenty of modern technologies supporting it. jQuery, CSS animations are some examples. In addition to that, it uses the latest Bootstrap framework, Bootstrap 4. No doubt, this free Bootstrap template ensures responsiveness in all modern devices and browsers.

Notable Features

  • Bootstrap 4
  • Smooth Scroll
  • Built-in Search Box
  • Back to Top Button
  • Multipage Template
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Email Subscription Box
  • Hover Animation on Icons
  • Animation Enriched Template
  • Mobile Device Responsiveness
  • Dedicated Section for Products
  • Navigation Menu in Footer Section
  • Specialized Pages for Different Services

Package Inside the Box

  • 5 HTML Files
  • CSS & SCSS Files
  • FontAwesome Icons Pack
  • Demo Images
  • Uncompressed Javascript Files


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