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Infinity - Sleek and Colorful Free HTML5 Business Website Template

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Get this free HTML5 business website template for creating a responsive business website without an extra effort. It has a very clean and organized design.
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We’re here to help you out while you’re looking for a powerful yet free HTML5 template. Presenting Infinity, a one page responsive free HTML5 business website template.

Free HTML5 Business Website Template – Infinity

Infinity comes up with a colorful UI and a banner which incorporates a hero header and bold typography. Also, it holds a responsive burger menu which collapses on click and remains sticky on scrolling. Furthermore, the vertically aligned social media links stay on the bottom left corner of the banner.

While enjoying the fairly smooth scrolling, the 9 discrete sections are ready to accommodate your necessity of making a proper agency website. That’s where this professional business website template comes into action.

After describing a little bit about your company or team or even yourself in the about us section, go to the next. Likewise, the service section which comes afterward provides a vast canvas to explain the service list with relevant cool icons.

You know which is the telling part of this template? You’re right. It’s significantly the gallery where one can place their featured projects. Besides on-hover zooming, it will appear as a pop-up when you click on a single image.

In like manner, the flex slider arrives subsequently to incorporate testimonials and the adjacent part is for adding clients. Then, the second most exciting part appears which is a working contact form.

Finally, one can even get benefit from the elaborate footer which is divided into three important columns. And, one of them is for newsletter subscription, additionally. Moreover, this free website template has ample features to craft a site immediately.

Significant Features

  • One Page Template
  • Parallax Header
  • Smooth Scrolling
  • Responsive Drawyer Menu
  • Modal Image Gallery
  • Flex Testimonial Slider
  • Working Contact Form
  • Newsletter Subscription
  • Back To Top Button
  • Social Media Icons
  • On-hover Zooming

Into the box

  • 2 HTML Files
  • 4 (main) CSS Files
  • 5 JavaScript Files
  • 1 PHP File
  • 3 Font Files
  • Demo Images




Stock Photos and Graphics

Javascript Files

Before you go

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