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Scribbler - Free HTML5 Online Documentation Template for Apps, Themes, and Software

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Get Scribbler, the free HTML documentation template with a clean design and simple layout. This template will let you create documentation rapidly.
free HTML documentation template

For a coding or programming project, documentation is vital and sometimes indispensable. Scribbler, a free HTML documentation template is here to help make your documentation ready with quick steps. It’s also plain and simple precisely the way a doc file should be.

Developers need to create documentation after completing their technical projects and before publishing it. Creating a documentation design from scratch is time-consuming especially when to fine-tuning the program last minutes.

About this Free HTML Documentation Template

Keeping the developers in mind, Scribbler was designed primarily with Vanilla JavaScript. And, many CSS features were applied during the construction of this minimalist online documentation template. CSS variables and grids were a great help for maintaining the simplicity and user-centric concept throughout the whole structure.

Scribbler is a powerful tool and a free documentation template which can aid you to build the manual swiftly for the next project be it software or just an API. Even WordPress themes need documentation to instruct the users how they can customize it appropriately. Moreover, for templates, applications, plugins, and other similar web or desktop programs, Scribbler is handy and powerful.

The file organization is pretty straightforward like its layout so the users can click and go to the exact point to find the right information they need. Scribbler focuses on the readability and mostly in the simplistic design. It comes with features like a terminal to write down programs, changelog to inform about the update, and a user-loving pattern to reduce the time for making a new doc.

Although they didn’t use Bootstrap in the core, still the template is responsive and works nicely on various screens. On the CSS grids, they manually created the fluid layout which significantly adapts to multiple platforms. That’s why users can read the documentation from their mobile phones, as well.


  • Simple and Clean Design
  • Responsive Template
  • Easy to Customize
  • Changelog Available
  • Clean File Structure
  • Reusable Doc File
  • User-friendly and Readable
  • Animated Button
  • Font Awesome Icons

Inside the box

  • 2 HTML Files
  • 3 CSS Files
  • 1 JavaScript File
  • 1 Sketch File


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