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Foodee - Free Bootstrap Templates for Restaurant Website & Online Ordering

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Web design made easy. Download the latest hot cake of ThemeWagon. Free bootstrap templates for a restaurant, cafe, food website and online ordering.
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Looking at the recent web design template users, we feel that more and more restaurateurs are building websites using restaurant website template online ordering nowadays. Many of them don’t have the know-how for developing a website and asked us if there is any free template with the modern web design trend. Here we are introducing you a genuinely crafted free template – Foodee. It comes with all the related user interface elements and features which help you create a restaurant website from general restaurants to coffee shops, bars to night clubs, ethnic to casual dining, etc.

Features of Foodee

In a properly-functioning template, suitable sections matter along with the good design. Foodee built with all open source attribution free assets. It comes such plugins as Parallax, Animate.css, Flex-slider, Ionicon, Simple Line Icon, Modernizr which gives a creative feel to the overall template. This pixel-perfect template holds Google fonts for vibrant typography. Social media sharing links are located in the widgetized footer area. Here are the main features.

Restaurant Website Template Online Ordering is Now More Easy

restaurant website template online ordering table reservation
As a commercial restaurant proprietor, you will be benefited most if you have an online reservation system. Consumers are sure to get interested when they see reservation system on your website. They can pre-book a table in your restaurant to save time when you give them the online booking facilities. After all, who likes to wait in a queue to have a hearty meal at the restaurant, right? To gain that unexpected advantages, Foodee provides you the online reservation system.

Convincing Customer Testimonial

restaurant website template online ordering testimonial
It’s no mystery, food lovers are highly influenced by the testimonials, especially when they look out for a new place to eat. Having testimonials will supply the client’s feedback that they’ll have a great experience when they visit your restaurant. Let the customers share their gastronomic experience in your restaurant or cafe through testimonial. Foodee coupled with a testimonial that will increase your restaurant’s trust, traffic and sales.

Sticky Navbar Header on Scroll

Foodee has a nice sticky navbar fixed with the website header while scrolling down. It helps the visitors visit their desired section easily and quickly. In this header, you can attach your restaurant’s brand logo to leverage branding. The template has a very good user experience.

Powered by Bootstrap Framework

Foodee based on the foundation of the Bootstrap framework – the second most starred project on GitHub. It contains HTML and CSS3-based design templates for typography, forms, buttons, navigation and other interface components, as well as optional JavaScript extensions like the carousel, affix, panel, accordion, etc. Since v3.0, Bootstrap helps the web pages to adjusts dynamically in all devices and web browsers.

Responsive Layout

Foodee frequently snaps everything at one place. Your audience will see your website correctly in all respects the devices be it desktop or tablets or smartphones. This mobile-ready responsive template makes the navigation easy.

Fast Loading Speed

If you own a slow site, it’s the right time to take action. Loading speed is now mandatory that ends in higher conversation. Google would possibly crawl your website faster if you have a fast loading site. The Foodee – restaurant website template online ordering consists of optimized code base and technologies so that it helps unwanted bandwidth consumption and reduces the bounce rate.

SEO Friendly Codebase

Want to widen your business range? Then, your web pages must have to the pinnacle position on the Search Engine Result Page (SERP). It enables to get handsome traffic. To get a firm stance, Foodee covers all the SEO optimized codebase and functions, so that search engines like Google, Bing, etc. will index your pages and give them the quickest rank in the SERP.

Cross Browser Compatible

Cross-browser defines the ability for a website to support all the web browsers. When a site is cross browser compatible, it’ll look the same in all the modern web browsers without any errors. To do so, Foodee is crafted with great care which automatically gets adapted in all most widely used web browsers IE, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Opera.

Features at a Glance

  • Hero Header
  • Sticky Navigation bar
  • Smooth Parallax Effect
  • Vibrant Typography
  • Modern Browser Compatible
  • SEO Friendly
  • Social Media Support
  • Widgetized Footer
  • IcoMoon and Simplae Line Icons
  • Table Booking Form



Want to create your brand? Download this easily customizable restaurant website template online ordering and give a boost to your culinary business. But keep it in mind to provide copyright linkback.

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