Vue.js Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template With Multiple Ready To Deploy Assets

Arbano - Free Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template Built With Vue.js

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Give your dashboard a fantastic look with this free Bootstrap admin dashboard template and work with more fun. A lot of ready things are there to help you.
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Arbano is a free Bootstrap admin dashboard template made with Bootstrap 4 and Vue.js. Bringing a complete solution for creating a modern visual interface for your backend dashboard, Arbano reduces your effort. With loads of components, table styles, forms, and icons, organize your environment as you want. Moreover, a bunch of widgets, charts, ready pages, and a user-friendly documentation are also integrated. Even the Google Maps along with other multiple maps like bubble maps, leaflet maps, and line maps will help you show your data more accurately.

Key features

  • Latest Bootstrap and VueJS
  • Tons of Icons
  • Graph and Charts
  • Widgets and Components
  • Multiple Maps
  • Animated Progress Bar
  • Clean and Elegant Design
  • Modular Based Elements
  • Different Table Styles
  • Several Ready Pages


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