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Exclusivity - Free Bootstrap 4 One Page Template

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Get this wonderful free Bootstrap 4 one page template ti create landing or corporate website for your corporate company. It's free and responsive.
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Free HTML5 templates are some highly beneficial tools for building professional websites. Bootstrap 4 is the new and cutting-edge technology that empowers developers to craft a website with more powers and better functionality. You should choose Bootstrap 4 templates, be it free or premium. Not only the premium templates comprised of super features but free templates also offer equal opportunities. However, we, at ThemeWagon, always try to add free templates built with the latest technology. For that reason, here’s is a mesmerizing free Bootstrap 4 one page template ready to download and use it on your website.

Landing page templates are an easy way to tweak a business further. Online promotion is now a hot trend for all fields.

Exclusivity – An Outstanding HTML5 Template

A free one page template with lots of features like fixed navigation, hero header, owl carousel, responsive layout, count-up counters, Google Fonts, contact form, and Google Map will allow you to make anything beautiful as well as user-friendly. Not only that, Exclusivity incorporates JavaScript plugins like Open Iconic icon set, Animate Numbers, and Popper.

Free Bootstrap 4 One Page Template

Exclusivity like its name is a unique free website template for the developers who would like to deliver a remarkable website for their clients. A landing page template like this one is obviously a noteworthy option to promote a business to engage more customers and impress them with quality and design, of course. As the world goes for mobile devices, it’s inevitable to make your site ready for smaller screens. Exclusivity appears on all screen variations without clutter. It’s sincerely built and optimized for multi-level platforms. Let’s get Bootstrap 4 templates to show caliber and magnificence through your online address.

Free Bootstrap 4 One Page Template

Clean, Robust, User-friendly

Nobody can deny the advantage of a free Bootstrap 4 one page template which is genuine, beautiful, stylish, and feature-rich. The more options you get, the better you can be in the development. If an HTML template gives a lot of features, there’s a chance to mix thing up for a creative creation. We love Exclusivity because it pacifies our mind and we believe you are going to love it too. Studies show that visitors decide to stay or not to stay on a site in a few quick seconds. A mundane design is enough to drive away your first-time visitors. The combination of pleasing design and commodious interface make users feel at home.

Free Bootstrap 4 One Page Template

What It Offers

Despite being free, Exclusivity offers a substantial number of top-notch features so that users can feel the total freedom to complete their site construction. Since its a Bootstrap 4 based template, one can easily shape the site’s structure with more appeal. As a free one page template, it has multiple sections to subsume your services and descriptions. The cutting-edge functionalities will assist you to make your site more engaging. As a free Bootstrap 4 one page template, Exclusivity has tons of modern styling choices, even similar to some premium products. It will be an awesome decision if you choose it for a corporate site-building.

Free Bootstrap 4 One Page Template


  • Full-width Header Image
  • Based on Bootstrap 4
  • Fixed Top Navigation
  • 11 Distinguished Sections
  • Price Section Included
  • Adptable To Any Screen
  • Google Map Integrated
  • Clean Typography
  • Animated Counters
  • Beautiful Price Table
  • Google Fonts
  • Large footer area

Cheer for the Creator

All credit goes to, who built this awesome free Bootstrap 4 one page template.

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