Free Bootstrap 4 Design System with Countless Components, Sample Pages, and Beautiful Color Schemes

Argon - Free Bootstrap 4 Design System for Faster Web Projects

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Download a free Bootstrap 4 design system to reduce your labor while you're building a web project and want to finish it quickly without any trouble.
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Creative-tim charms once again with this pragmatic, resourceful, and astonishing free Bootstrap 4 design system. A uniquely designed and sedulously developed UI kit for the people who wish to accelerate their pace – towards success and advancement. It’s open source and based on Bootstrap 4. Meaning you can create with your free will. Nevertheless, it’s responsive, as well.

Argon – Free Bootstrap 4 Design System

Get the seamless experience, get Argon. One of the best Bootstrap UI kit available in the world. First, it contains over 100 components and then, there are examples pages: landing, profile, login, and registration.

Moreover, all the components – crafted with extreme care – will help you build a professional and good-looking website. Buttons are very useful for Call To Action and here you can see a number of variations: buttons, buttons with icons, and multiple sizes.

Also, there are form controls, checkboxes, radios, toggle buttons, and sliders. Not to mention that there is the menu with text and icons other than the colorful navbars. If you select tabs you can get them with icons or with text. Furthermore, progress bars and pagination may come in handy.

The importance of navigation pills, labels, and alerts also should be kept in mind. In like manner, Argon’s typography is a complete solution with several formations. For instance, there are styles for headings, display titles, paragraphs, and more.

In addition, if you’re going to make an agency website you need to add a team section. For that purpose, you can use the avatar variations Argon provides with square, circle, and a couple more. Nucleo icons, carousel slider, and datepicker are some other amazing options to mention.

Have we mentioned that this pack contains ready HTML pages? It’s surely a great advantage to generate some idea of how the kit can contribute to your serious projects.

Notable features

  • Bootstrap 4 Integrated
  • Pre-built Pages
  • Font Awesome
  • Buttons With Icons
  • JavaScript Components
  • Gradient Effect
  • Datepicker Availabe
  • Carousel Sliders
  • Image Avatars
  • Clean Typography
  • Labels and Pagination
  • Full-screen Banner
  • Social Media Icons
  • Multiple Alerts
  • Tooltips and Popovers

What’s inside

  • 5 HTML Files
  • 2 CSS Files
  • 2 Javascript Files
  • SCSS Files
  • 9 Vendors
  • Demo Images


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