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Creative - Free Bootstrap 4 Business Template for Small Ventures

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Build your next website with this seamless Free Bootstrap 4 Business Template which fits on every screen of modern digital devices. Explore more.
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Here’s a one page free HTML5 template for commercial websites, built with latest technologies such as Bootstrap 4. Creative, a free Bootstrap 4 business template, is both spectacular and reliable.

The design may not be jaw-dropping, but it’s as powerful as you need to trigger your business to the next level. It’s no more a secret that a well-informed website accelerates the expedition of going towards the apotheosis of a company.

Get a free Bootstrap one page template

Creative, a free Bootstrap template consists of myriad features, is meticulously designed and very comfortable to edit. It’s an amazing website template for small businesses, agencies, corporate and multipurpose applications.

Scroll animations, full-width header image, lightbox portfolio gallery, hover effects, and beautiful layout – Creative provides a vigorous ground for the starter of an enterprise. With a highly efficient website template like Creative, one can efficiently gain more returns from the investment if the template is customized correctly.

Having the Bootstrap framework in its core, Creative ensures the precise appearance of your site on the desktops as well as smartphones. Also, it supports all major browsers with latest releases. Creative took care of the responsiveness well so that users can enjoy the website even with their mobile devices.

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Creative includes a fixed navbar for easy browsing. The scrolling animation built with ScrollReveal added an extra layer on the smooth UX. Developers can enjoy profound customization choices with SASS files. Not to mention that this template structured with semantic markup and custom buttons.


  • Custom Fixed Navigation Menu
  • Animations on Scrolling
  • Custom Button Styles
  • Full-screen Image Header
  • Beautiful Lightbox Gallery
  • Portfolio Image Grid
  • Hover Effects

In the box

  • Semantic markup
  • SASS/SCSS files
  • Demo Images
  • JS Plugins


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