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Purple Admin - Brand New Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard Template

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A Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard template with all Basic UI & Form elements, icons, charts, tables. Five sample pages are also built-in. Download for free
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Today, we are excited to share a high-quality Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard template with you. Known as Purple admin, this Bootstrap 4 admin template includes all of the essential UI & Form elements, icons, charts, tables. Moreover, five built-in demo pages are also ready at your disposal. Its possible usage includes any administrative dashboard, CMS (content management system), e-commerce admin dashboard or background management panel.

Creating a back-end dashboard for any web application is the primary goal for an admin template and it’s a perfect fit for that too. In addition, it contains a soothing gradient color scheme, running all throughout the template. Even for more, you can check out the premium as well.

About Purple Admin: A Super Responsive Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

This free HTML5 template is clean and customizable. An elegant admin dashboard template consisting colorful, attractive yet simple, human-usable user interface. Moreover, it’s beautifully crafted with all necessary and neat components which are carefully designed & arranged as well.

The template is ready to be used as a front-end of a Laravel project. If you want to build a UI for a raw PHP project, it’s up for that too!
In short, this Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard template is packed with features which you will use, not overcrowded with garbage!

What’ inside the box? To begin with, it has 5 sample pages which include necessary pages like Login & Register page.

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Then, its typography’s potential is huge as it includes different types of heading, block-quotes, text size/color/alignment, ordered/unordered/icon-added lists and more. Furthermore, UI elements like buttons are any administrative template’s basic feature. What makes Purple Admin special is, it has 13 distinct types of buttons!

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Charts are essential for any admin panel and this free admin template for web applications has ample of them. For example, Doughnut, area, pie or scattered charts came to life by using the Chart.js library.

Free Bootstrap 4 Admin Dashboard

Then, 6 unique table types, created with the help of bootstrap tables, FontAwesome icon’s integration and a pre-made search box makes it even more efficient! Lastly, this template contains several decent forms which are ready-made for you. In a nutshell, this is an ideal pick to jump start your project!

How to Kick-start?

This is an admin website template. It requires some dependencies to be met before it can run. Don’t worry, it’s not a conundrum! And we’re here to walk you through!

  • At First, download the template using the appropriate downloading method. Once downloaded, you’ll see a .zip file, extract it wherever you like in your machine.
  • Then, open up your terminal. Opening up the terminal requires different approaches depending on the environment you’re on. For example, on Linux, pressing Ctrl+Alt+T will prompt up the command line.
  • Inside the terminal, make sure you’re in same the directory (cd) where you unzipped the downloaded file.
    Hang on, you’re almost there!
  • Now, simply run the command npm install

Hopefully, this will take care of all the dependencies to run the admin template on your machine. All you have to do now is find the index.html file and start creating!

What’s Inside The Box?

You’ll get all of these as soon as you extract the downloaded file,

  • 12 HTML Files
  • SCSS Files
  • Gulp Starter File
  • Uncompressed Javascript Files

Key Features

  • Bootstrap 4 Beta 2
  • SCSS Files
  • Colorful UI
  • Charts & Tables
  • 5 Pre-built Pages
  • Logout Button Icon
  • Pre-built Search Box
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • 404 & 500 Error Page
  • 6 Distinct Table Types
  • Login & Register Page
  • On-hover Effect on Charts
  • 6 Different Types of Charts
  • Various Typography Option
  • Attractive Profile Dropdown
  • Left Aligned Navigation Menu
  • Notifications & Messages Dropdown
  • Off-canvas Menu (On Smaller Screens)
  • Input Forms with Several Options & Styles


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