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Charcoal - Free HTML5 Bootstrap 4 App UI Kit

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Handy UI kit built with Bootstrap 4 beta. A free app UI kit with redesigned elements. Super easy to use. Offers customizability & compatibility
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Welcome to Charcoal. A beautiful UI components pack, created solely for Bootstrap users. This Free APP UI Kit contains a redesigned set of Bootstrap 4 components ready to fit with a startup website or an application for Android / iOS. So, it’s highly customizable & super easy to use.

About The Free App UI Kit

Charcoal is a Free App UI Kit developed with the help of Bootstrap 4. This is a super efficient template for people planning to create web-apps or HTML5 websites effortlessly.

To begin with, it has all the necessary components & elements that are essential for an interface. Moreover, many of them are redesigned as well. Now, its biggest advantage is, each of its components can work independently. So, just like any other UI kit, you can take parts from it and leave the rest behind.

These “parts” include 6 types of buttons, 7 different forms including validation form, 4 types of dropdowns etc. Also, it has different navigation styles with pre-made navigation bars. 6 types of tables and different sizes of paginations.

Furthermore, a lot of Javascript components like tool-tip, pop-over, badges, modals, carousel increase the value of this simple yet handy free Bootstrap UI template. Different types of progress bars are available as well.

So, this tool saves your time as well as gives you all the necessary gadgets to create a website in no time. Then, for more in-depth customization, two SASS files are included. These let the user customize things even more! If you want to know more about how to customize Bootstrap 4 using SASS variables, this can be helpful.

Key Features

  • Bootstrap 4 Beta
  • Responsive
  • Available Basic Elements
  • -Badges
    -Multiple styled/colored/sized Button
    -Radio Button
    -Progress bars

  • Available Javascript Components
  • -Modal

  • Renovated Components
  • Cross Platform Support

Inside The Box

  • 1 HTML File
  • 2 CSS Files
  • 2 SCSS Files
  • Image


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