Free Food Restaurant One Page Website Template with Clean and Elegant Design

Gusto - Free HTML5 Food Restaurant One Page Website Template

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A fully responsive, Bootstrap based Free Food Restaurant One Page Website Template with clean and elegant design and a plethora of features
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Gusto can be a perfect choice for your restaurant, cafe, food delivery chain or catering service website. This free food restaurant one page website template is modern and has a clean and elegant design. Most interestingly, a working contact form comes within the download package which is quite rare for a free HTML5 template.

About Gusto

It’s the simplicity which makes this free website template not only charming and user-friendly but also really fast. At first, a beautiful banner header image welcomes your visitor with a sticky navigation bar above. The navigation bar has animated effects which marks the exact spot you are of this single page template.

As a food restaurant website might want, a special menu section is just beneath the header section. Display what unique items you offer here. Furthermore, a detailed menu section can also be found on the website if you decide to scroll through.

Then, an about section is available for use. It’s the Chef, who make a restaurant or cafe to stand out. So, a dedicated section for The Chef is included. Several correctly placed and correct dimension images create an aesthetic look.

Almost all the modern templates are responsive and have cross-browser compatibility. Our free food restaurant one page website template is no exception as well! Bootstrap 3.3.4 ensures down to single pixel responsiveness. Additionally, when checked on different browsers, it worked just fine.

What makes this template really one of a kind is its working contact form. A PHP file can be found in the download package which allows you to make the contact form functional as you like. Lastly, on-hover animation enabled social media icons are available at the bottom of this small yet essential template.


  • Smooth Scroll
  • Bootstrap 3.3.4
  • One Page Template
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Working Contact Form
  • Clean & Elegant Design
  • Cross Browser Support
  • Sticky Navigation Panel
  • Mobile Device Responsive
  • Animated Social Media Icons
  • Dedicated Section For Food Menu
  • Drop-down Menu on Smaller Screens

Package Inside the Box

  • CSS Files
  • 1 HTML File
  • Demo Images
  • Uncompressed Javascript Files
  • 1 PHP File (For Functional Contact Form)


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