Modern, Flat, Cross-platform Free Web UI Kit Based on Bootstrap 4

Wired UI Kit - Carefully crafted Bootstrap 4, Free Web UI Kit

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A responsive free web UI kit based on Bootstrap 4 Alpha 6. Offers 2 different layouts. Contains 60+ redesigned elements and sample page build with them.
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Today’s freebie is a modern, clean, cross-platform web application UI Kit. This free web UI kit is known as Wired UI Kit and contains 60+ re-designed Bootstrap 4 UI elements. So, not only you can start a fresh project with this flat UI design very quickly, it also has the ability to blend into any of your running Bootstrap as well as Laravel projects. The backend of any web application or dashboard can be enhanced by this free web UI kit. Alongside the Default version, it contains a Dark version too. Furthermore, to give you an idea of how things fit together, an example landing page is made available.

About This Free Web UI Kit

First things first, Bootstrap 4 empowers this free HTML UI Kit. So, fully responsive design is guaranteed. Now, that’s out of the way, this lightweight and modern UI template uses bold colors & typography to give an alluring look. Its multiple color variants (default & dark) increases the attractiveness. This easy to customize UI pack has very a clean and structured code. Also, a landing page solely created with the very same UI kit provides you an idea about its customizability.

Then, it contains customized plugins. So, all of the Bootstrap elements are available and most of them are redesigned. Buttons with multiple colors, styles & sizes are available. Various form elements with basic inputs, checkboxes and radio buttons are there too. Navigation, progress bars, badges, pagination, everything that is needed in a website can be found inside.

Apart from that, this UI Kit is ready to be used as a front-end Laravel project. With small changes, it supports any Angular, Vue or ReactJS projects as well. A Bootstrap Date range picker comes built-in. Other Javascript components like modal, tooltip, pop-over, carousal, badges etc. increase the usability. FontAwesome & Ionicons hands you the opportunity to choose from various icons.

Key Features

  • Sample Landing Page
  • Bootstrap 4 Beta
  • Two Different Layouts
  • FontAwesome Icons
  • Ionicons
  • Available Basic Elements
  • -Badges
    -Multiple styled/colored/sized Button
    -Radio Button
    -Progress bars
    & more

  • Available Javascript Components
  • -Modal
    -Date range picker

  • Renovated Components
  • Cross Platform Support


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