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100+ free html5 website templates for responsive websites download

100 FREE Best One Page Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Templates of All Time

Since January 2014, when for the first time in WWW history, the number of users browsing internet from handheld devices surpassed the number of users accessing from desktop, Bootstrap has become a must for every web developer. Emphasizing on ‘Mobile-First’ concept, Bootstrap ensures the Responsiveness of a website so that it can be easily... read more

How to Design Informational Pages That Convert

Shoppers tend to read product information pages when they’re in the “decision” phase of their journey. This is the last of three stages in the buyer’s journey. They’re aware that a specific product will meet their needs, but they’re still not ready to pull the trigger. Before they make a decision, they need to... read more

Top-notch Responsive Navbar collection 0f 2021

Navbar is a standard user interface component that allows users to navigate websites quickly and comfortably. It is considered as one of the most important aspects of any website. It is a part of a graphical user interface designed to make the whole site surfing much easier for visitors. Navbar helps visitors can understand... read more

5 tips for optimizing your eCommerce category pages

eCommerce category pages are essential for any online retail business. They are the pages that show the different items you currently have for sale, and they can have a huge impact on the customer experience. Having optimized category pages makes it easier to attract the right people to your website, and this can lead... read more

Login/Sign up Form To Compliment Your Website

40+Login/Sign up Form To Compliment Your Website 2021

Login/Sign up page can be counted as a gateway to extensive user interaction. Usually Login system prevents unauthorized access to private data and allows elaborate communication. It requires username and a password for user identification and authentication. You get to communicate with the admin or get user access to the platform through a login... read more

Best Travel & Tourism Template built with Bootstrap

Best 27 Travel & Tourism Template Built with Bootstrap

If I am not wrong, people have started traveling even before civilization. Traveling helps to connect people and build social bonding. In the present time, traveling is the best way to get out of a busy schedule. It becomes a crucial part of life and a good remedy for stress, anxiety, and depression. People... read more

how to make a website responsive using bootstrap, html and css

How to make a website responsive using Bootstrap, HTML, & CSS

Every day, more than one million new people join the Internet. That’s why day by day, there is a huge increase in web traffic. Among the internet users, they mostly visit various websites, using multiple devices daily. While comparing mobile with other devices like desktop or laptop, a study found that 50.48% of web... read more

Why Do Developers Prefer Docker Containers?

The testing and deploying of software is an incredibly complex business these days. Many hidden and mind-boggling complexities occur behind the working of the software. Many factors such as UI, database layer, frameworks, code, and libraries need to be considered to provide a rational experience to the users. Creating software is just like solving... read more

7 Best Practices to Write Clean HTML Template

Do you want to create a good foundational code? Then, writing a flawless HTML template is the way to go. But first, you must conquer the biggest challenge – writing a clean template. A clean code sets the tone for the rest of the coding process. Making changes and modifications will be much easier... read more

5 Things To Consider When Choosing Imagery For Your Website

Did you know that 87.5% of marketers use visuals in their articles more than half of the time? Imagery can have a huge impact on how engaging your website is, what kind of impression your business leaves on customers, and even how many sales you make. You also need to make sure any images... read more

Free Bootstrap 5 HTML 5 Landing Page Template

Top 11 Free Responsive Bootstrap 5 Landing Page templates 2021

Landing pages are quite easy to work with. Standing in front of a complex site, the page tickles the surfers to visit the whole of it. You can comfortably build or customize one according to your requirements. Especially the featured landing pages are an absolute marvel to build any site. Hence, to ensure a... read more

How to Improve Your Landing Page UX and Skyrocket Your Conversions

User experience (UX) is one of the most important factors when it comes to boosting conversion rates. You have to impress the website visitors who manage to get to your landing page so that you can encourage them to explore further. Nailing that first impression greatly increases your chances of converting a visitor to... read more

How to Use Charts and Tables to Boost Conversions

When designing pages that need to contain a lot of figures and data, you’ll naturally find that using a chart or a table is the absolute best way to convey that data. If you were to leave it buried deep within your copy, it would likely be much less useful – and thus much... read more

3 Ways to Use Technology to Enhance E-commerce Customer Experience

There is no doubt that providing a good customer experience is essential for businesses to stay on track, grow, and make sales. 73% of companies with good customer experience are known to perform better financially than their competitors and bring 5.7 times more revenue. A high-quality customer experience ensures loyal customers that keep coming... read more

Best Hosting Plans for a Website with Tight Budget

A website is the most important thing in your online business. Crashing or slow websites are harmful to your business. You need a smooth-running website. So, let us first see what decides the performance of your website. Speed, security, and storage are just a few things that you need to pay attention to. A... read more

How to Humanize Your Brand with Web Design

When we think about our favorite brands, our favorite commercials, and the social media pages of companies we follow, we realize we see them as more than “just a brand.” We see them as a friendly face, and more often than not, as more human than a faceless corporation. Humanizing your brand is incredibly... read more

Designing High-Converting SaaS Landing Pages

Conversion in the SaaS world requires a little more finesse than its ecommerce counterpart. That’s mainly because you’re asking your potential customer to commit to a recurring payment rather than a one-off transaction. A SaaS business’ focus on the lifetime value (LTV) of a customer means that you’re selling a relationship rather than a... read more

Landing Page Design Tips to Boost Conversions

A landing page’s main reason for existing is to convince a visitor to do something. Whether it’s to guide them towards the top end of a sales funnel by signing up for a newsletter or to start a transaction process that will convert them into a customer, a landing page demands action. How it... read more

Boost your Dropshipping business using YouTube!

Boost your Dropshipping business using YouTube!

It’s no secret that many successful YouTubers are using sites like to add merch and grow their revenue streams, but how can you do the same with your dropshipping business? If you’re struggling to find these sites, you can use product research tools like SaleSource to help you expedite the process. How can... read more

The Top 10 Best Online Logo Makers

The Top 10 Best Online Logo Makers

So you’re building your new business. And with that business, there will be a particular brand that you want to promote. While there are a number of things that you want to do to promote that brand, nothing compares to the way a well thought, and well-designed logo can do that promotion. After all,... read more

Top 3 Fastest Web Hosting For WordPress In 2020

Introduction Are you hunting for the fastest WordPress hosting to provide your WordPress site? We are confident that you are aware of the importance of making your website load fast. Fast loading websites make the guest gratified and also helps with SEO. By now, all of the hosting secrets revealed upon you must have... read more

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting

How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting It’s time to choose a hosting provider. You’ve been researching and seeing different opinions about different hosting providers, and you land on yet another guide, with another set of top hosting providers. Choosing a great hosting provider does not have to be difficult, despite the unlimited amount... read more

Wix Vs Weebly – 5 Important Differences To Know

One Google search says that Wix is the best website builder. Another search says that Weebly is the best option. So, which is really the better website builder? We have compiled 5 of the most important attributes to consider when choosing a site builder and have really dove deep into each category so that... read more

Other Than Bitcoin: Which Altcoin to Buy?

When many people think of cryptocurrency, their minds often automatically go to Bitcoin. This makes sense as it is the most popular and valuable cryptocurrency asset by a mile. As of end-October 2019, Bitcoin’s value is $8,200, and the next closest rival (i.e. Ether) is less than $200. The total market cap for Bitcoin... read more

education website template

34 Best Education HTML5 Bootstrap Website Template 2019

The primary factors you need to focus on while choosing educational templates are features, functionality, usability, and optimization. A website reflects your organization, services, and your products, so we need to make sure the right templates have been selected. A well-developed website can create a positive impact and keep engaging visitors on your site.... read more

How to Customize an HTML Template

How to Customize an HTML Template

Sometimes you decide to buy an HTML template and customize it by yourself. But when it comes to editing the code, you feel clueless, Shit! Where the hell shall I start from? Don’t get panic. This tutorial is all about how to edit or customize an HTML template. We will step you through the... read more

WordPress Theme Security

How to Check If Your WordPress Theme Is Secure to Use?

If you are thinking your WordPress theme you are obtaining from a reputable developer is safe, think again. If you think that since the connection to your WordPress site is over https by default your site is also secure, think again. WordPress being the most popular CMS for building personal and corporate sites means... read more


How we are saving over $2,150/month with MailBluster

When launching ThemeWagon in 2014, we planned to collect emails by sending out download links directly to our user’s inbox. Our tool of choice for maintaining subscribers and sending out newsletters, of course, MailChimp – because of their extraordinary infrastructure and excellent marking tools. We started with their free tire of 2000 subscribers and... read more

Necessary Features For A Game Site Template

Necessary Features For A Game Site Template

In the past, we’ve covered some of the best templates for entertainment sites, which really covers a fairly broad spectrum. “Entertainment” can refer to music services, concert and theater venues, event booking, and more. There may not be any sort of website more directly suited to the category though, than a gaming site. The... read more

Startups With Limited Budget

A DIY Guide For Startups With Limited Budget

Is Starting A Business With A Tight Budget Even Possible? Businesses of all kinds have to go through a rough patch at any stage of their development. Most of them start with the zeal to prioritize their passion and even start to attract new customers as well. But the entrepreneurial life becomes hard when... read more

Multi-page Bootstrap 4 Business Template

43 Top HTML Landing Page Templates 2019

Landing pages are the essential part of an online marketing campaign. In normal terms – a landing page is a standalone page where a visitor “lands” while surfing the search engine optimized search results or clicking an online advertisement. In other words, if you are on a webpage that contains any call-to-action, then you... read more

HTML5 Bootstrap 4 templates

36 Top HTML5 Bootstrap 4 Startup Business Website Templates 2019

From all the small to large multi-national companies, every business needs a web presence nowadays. Professional businesses are providing their services and getting payment online. Massive collection of responsive HTML5 Bootstrap 4 startup website templates are available on the internet, but there are only a few which stand for quality. These 36 HTML5 Bootstrap... read more

Comparing Pros & Cons of Website Builders vs Templates

Technologically pushes humans to stand out from the crowd and differentiate ourselves from the others. A website is essential to differentiate your small project or business from others. And building a website doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult nowadays. In the early days, there has some interruption but fortunately, technology geeks now sharing... read more

Free Bootstrap 4 Templates

30 Free Bootstrap 4 Templates You Can’t Afford To Miss

Bootstrap 4 is a powerful tool to boost up your website quality and provide some upgrade feature specifications. For which the demand for free Bootstrap 4 templates is climbing on the apex day by day. Developers, as well as general users both, can be benefited from Bootstrap 4 templates. The release of a new... read more

Free Bootstrap Templates

30 Best Free Bootstrap Templates for Amazing Modern Websites

Nowadays, free Bootstrap templates are all over the internet. But all of them are not good in quality. It is really a hassle to find the perfect template for your next project from the ocean of the internet. So, keeping this in mind, we are providing 30 free bootstrap website templates which are of... read more

multipurpose website templates

Multipurpose Website Templates – Download Free and Premium

Here you find a great collection of professional, mobile-friendly, advanced, and multipurpose website templates based on HTML5 and Bootstrap 3 and 4. All ventures aspire to success and maximizing the returns, regardless of the industry. With affluent resources and augmented productivity, even a small enterprise can rise towards the top. Getting succeeded in business... read more

best corporate HTML templates

Best Corporate HTML Templates For Elegant Business Websites

This complete round-up of the best corporate HTML templates will lead you to the highway of success through your business and entrepreneurship. For responsive, SEO-cared, industry-leading, and eye-hauling free and premium Bootstrap templates, read the full article. To be the charismatic leader in your industry or not to be is up to you. Like... read more

Charity Website Templates

Premium and Free Charity Website Templates for Non-profit Organizations

Premium and free charity website templates are appropriate for charity and human rights organizations. These templates are powerful tools for creating enticing websites with an effortless way. Like the corporate and other serious ventures, charity organizations also require their online presence for more attention from both the help-seeker and donors. In order to get... read more

Entertainment Website Templates

Free and Premium Entertainment Website Templates

If you need entertainment website templates, then this post is for you. We would like to show you some high-standard entertainment HTML templates. For any kind of recreational purposes, these templates are right tools to use and adjust. You can use them for musical bands, singers, concerts, magazines, movie reviews, and news site. To... read more

technology website templates

Best Technology Website Templates – Responsive and High-quality

HTML5 technology website templates are the boon to show a creative way to your customers for interaction. No matter whether you have an abundant of budget or tight with that this post must help you. Both free and premium HTML5 templates are included in the line up so that everybody can get benefits towards... read more

Admin dashboard & web-app template

23 Free & Premium HTML5 Admin Dashboard Responsive Templates of 2018

All the decisions of any business should be taken logically. Therefore the importance of admin dashboard templates is high. A dashboard is the magic wand behind every successful website or web application. Because it plays a vital role in tracking key performance indicators, real-time data analysis and useful pieces of information of your business.... read more

Wedding HTML Templates

Top 10 Best Wedding HTML Templates

A wedding is one of the crucial events of human’s life. In modern life, people follow a lot of ways to celebrate this precious event which comes mostly once in a small life. Wedding templates are some great options that help to save your time. No need to waste your time for searching the... read more

best HTML5 templates

Top 10 Best HTML 5 Templates of 2018 – Download Now

Before reading the post about best HTML5 templates of 2017, let me assume that you were looking for templates that will give you comfort, not trouble. As we work on a web development team, we know how frustrating it not to get the right tool while you need to surpass your competitors. Those days... read more

best bootstrap 4 templates

Best Bootstrap 4 Templates in 2018

When we’re writing this post about Best Bootstrap 4 Templates in 2018, there’s scarcity of this particular category. Because the framework is “just arrived” and needs time to be stable, you guys have to wait for a bundle of products. Nevertheless, we have collected some of the best Bootstrap 4 templates available in the... read more

Bootstrap 4 features

Bootstrap 4 Features: What’s New in the Latest Release?

Since the rise of the mobile browsing, web developers and webmasters were always in the process to offer mobile-friendly websites. Because of the advancement in handheld devices, people use mobile phones and tablets for their daily needs. Even in many aspects desktops are being replaced by those lightweight and easy-to-carry devices. Since a large... read more

Best Bootstrap 4 Template

Posh: A Bootstrap 4 Template for Stunning Websites

… try to absorb what is useful, discard what is useless, and add what is essentially your own. — BRUCE LEE In this modern era of the expansion of internet and web technology, only the fast and adroit ones win. Smart people always love the way that’s quick yet produces desired outputs. Have you... read more

free html eCommerce templates

Free HTML eCommerce Templates for Online Stores

For the beginner level entrepreneurs, free HTML eCommerce templates are real gems to get started with power and comfort. Read the whole post to know more. Creating your own business is an interesting and inspiring idea and it results best when you do the works from your home. Before quitting your day job, make... read more

100 Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template Bundle Offer You Can’t Refuse

Who doesn’t love a little bit of extra? And if it’s a total extra, then nothing to say. We, Themewagon team are bringing an offer so charming, so irresistible, so mouth feeling that you can’t ignore, you won’t ignore. Yes. And it’s the 100 Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template Bundle Offer. You heard it right.... read more

best free HTML5 Bootstrap website template

The Mighty Titan – Worlds Number One Free HTML5 Bootstrap Template

From this moment, the WWW template history is changed. Because the Mighty Titan is here. The Themewagon team released this unexplainably awesome HTML5 template after several months of sleepless nights and hard work with a touch from their heart. This is a product cooked with passion, hard work and love from the team. Titan... read more

Free Startup/Consultancy Website HTML5 Template

30 Free Startup Agency/Consulting Firm HTML5 Template of All Time

Starting a company is not easy. But taking it to a satisfactory working level is harder. Same goes to consultancy agencies. Sometimes it’s hard to keep the company running because people just don’t know about the company. In this digital time posters, newspaper ads, flyers, billboard ads don’t work that much. And an ad... read more

Design Inspirational Portfolio Website

15+ Best Design Inspirational Portfolio Website List of 2018

In today’s fast growing world, with the development of technology and the advancement of World Wide Web, the earth has become too little. The WWW or simply known as the internet has brought closer even the north pole and south pole. And this closure is not only about reaching someone from a far country... read more

free business travel itinerary template

30+ Free Responsive Business Travel Itinerary Template 2018

Have you heard ever about the bucket list family? The young travel journalist former tech millionaire Garrett Gee with his wife Jessica Settie Gee sell their all belongings to travel the whole world with their kids. Before started traveling indefinitely, Gee sold his app, Scan to Snapchat, for $54 million in 2014. He banked and... read more

30+ free event bootstrap template

30+ Free Bootstrap Template for Event Planner and Conference

Event planning is one of the exceptional traces of business to get into. Whether you’re a beginner, still gaining knowledge of the ropes, or a pro that knows the change thoroughly, you would realize that an event website is a vital factor. Gone are the trends of publicly advertising an event manually. With the... read more