Before jumping right into action, I guess it would be better if we laid the groundworks first. Well, if you don’t know who we are, you would not be interested in our annual newsletter, right? Let us all have a reminder in a glimpse about what ThemeWagon is, who are the people behind it, and what motivated these people to initiate ThemeWagon.

Where it all started…

Well, like most of the startups, the idea of ThemeWagon was first conceived in an undergrad students’ dormitory, back in 2011. A handful of tech nerds, who were completing their graduation and at the same time working as web developers for pocket money are the ones behind this initiative. While working on clients’ projects day and night, we discovered some common problems which we faced in almost all of these projects. And there were not that many Web Templates that gave quick solutions to those. And templates that were almost perfect,costed a fortune which we couldn’t afford. That is when, we first started thinking of creating a marketplace and providing people with Top-quality Web Templates or Themes at the lowest price possible. We spent the next 4 years gaining experiences, developing skills, assessing the market and communicating with people to know what they actually need. And then, at the last quarter of 2014, we started working on ThemeWagon.

Annual Newsletter TW history


Sticking to the root

Though, we have ended a successful year with outcomes more than we anticipated, we never deviated from our primary objective, which is to help you guys as much as we can at the lowest possible cost. You may have already noticed that almost 90% of our products are either Free or Freemium. And with this fact, the first question that comes on everyone’s mind is- “How are they doing business if they are giving away their products for free?”. Well, what we can assure you from our last year’s experience is that, Business is not just about money, it’s more about engagement with people.

“Guys, I’m really impressed by your designs and I give you a big HI five. Will always keep in touch.”

It can be proudly said that, our Free and Freemium Templates were so helpful to people, that they actually started donating us money and suggested and encouraged us to launch Premium HTML Templates! A lot of entrepreneurs told us that relying on donations doesn’t mean business. But you know what? Every night we go to bed smiling, with a happy feeling of actually helping out people.

“I was researching for a web layout class. My professor said your templates were an excellent example for the project we were working on. Thank you.”


We are not the soul of ThemeWagon, YOU ARE!

While working on our audit and writing this annual newsletter, the first thing that came to our mind is the heartfelt gratitude to our donors. Selling HTML Templates maybe our business, but it is you, our donors and customers who are the soul and spirit of this startup who keep our work running as a never ending source of inspiration. Without you, we may have left this little raft long ago in the stormy ocean. But you good guys did not only gave us hope to overcome this storm, but encouraged us to make it a bigger ship!

“Os temas são ótimos, até penso em comprar um pro.”
Translated: “The themes are great, thinking about buying a pro.”

At the beginning of 2015, we were a small team of just 5 nerds who were just developing free HTML templates. But at the end of the year, we are a 16-member strong team (and planning on growing bigger) backed up by a big family of 67,000 web developers and people who are working on their websites. And this was all possible because of our generous donors and valued customers who trusted in us; had a faith that with a little encouragement we can go further.

“I appreciate the way you help me in my website task it’s really a great. I found your site and then I was just relax. Thanks again for your support.”

“The Premium Quality Bootstrap HTML5 Template I obtained from ThemeWagon to build our website on was great and simple to adopt. Great job. Thanks.”


Here goes a graphical representation of  how many HTML templates were downloaded out last year which helped you build your project with ease.

What we lacked in

Ensuring you the best possible product and services is our first priority. But there is no shame is confessing that we may have lacked in some cases. Well, No matter how dedicated and professional we are, at the end of the day we are human beings. And it is our rights as humans to make mistakes, right? Well, we are learning from our mistakes and gathering experience everyday. We have specified some sides we must improve in. Here goes a few of them:


Support team:

An invaluable part of our team is our Support Side. To be honest, how can you be helpful to someone if you do not come to his help when he needs the most? That’s why, we decided to deploy our developers in rotation to take the responsibilities of the support tasks to ensure you the best solutions to your problems. But it has both its advantages and disadvantages. In the last one year, our developers Annual Newsletter Support teamlearned a lot while helping you solve your problems (which helped them make better Templates later and produce happier customers) and in over 95% of the cases they were able to make the support-seekers more than happy!But the problem is, it took them a little less than 4 hours on an average to respond to support tickets. Now, we do not like to make you wait this long. That’s why, we are hiring a new group of dedicated Support Engineers so that our average successful response time comes down to less than an hour!



We all know how fast the web trends change. Annual Newsletter UpgradationOne trend is “hip ‘n happening” now, and it is “old fashioned” in the very next second!That is exactly what happened to the HTML Templates we released in the early 2015. We developed and released them, made a few tweaks and upgradations, then almost forgot them and got busy in designing new ones (you knowhow much fun creating something new is)! That is why, we have decided to look at the rearview mirror, and pick up our little friends who got left behind. You will be happy to know that we are thinking of upgrading some of our HTML templates in a few days which were popular in the web.



Annual_Newsletter_DocumentationNot providing documentation with templates is like one of the worst habits we have. Yes, we realize that it is kind of a crime. But I am happy to let you know that we are working very hard to add documentation with the template packages so that using these HTML templates becomes easier for you!
What else do you think we lack in? Please do not hesitate to let us know at [email protected]


What’s next?

We started the last year with nothing but 4 years of work experiences and ideas. But at the end of it, we have a satisfactory number of High-quality Premium, Freemium, Free Products and YOU! That gives us the strength to dare and take ThemeWagon to a whole new level. Here goes a list of leaps you may see us take in 2016:

WordPress Themes:

A lot of our clients asked us to make WordPress Themes along with HTML templates.But we had a lot in our plates back then and didn’t dare to start that job in that time inspite of having a huge experience in WordPress. Sorry to disappoint you back then. In this year, we will not only be selling HTML Templates, but we are going to make our mark in the WordPress Themes market too. We will be offering you Free and Premium WordPress Themes in a few days. Keep in touch and wait to be amazed!

Upgrading some Free Products to Freemium and some Freemiums to Premiums:

We hate to brag, but some of our products were so rich in design that our clients demanded some upgradations in them. To differentiate between Free and Freemiums and from Freemiums to Premiums, we limit some of the contents in Freemiums and Free Templates. These limitations often put us in dilemmas. So, we made a list of Templates that received the highest requests for upgradations and are going to upgrade them very soon. In fact, you will see some of the Free templates upgraded to Freemiums and some of the Freemiums upgraded to Premiums by the end of January!

More Free and Freemium products are coming:

Please, DO NOT come under the impression that we are turning all our products into Premiums. Yes, we will be upgrading some of them. But at the same time, we will be releasing more and more Free, Freemium along with new Premium Templates just like we used to do in the last year.


It’s time to cut the cake and open gifts!

Annual NewsletterEnough of boring talks, right? We should definitely celebrate our success. And to share the joy of having a successful year, as a token of gratitude, we have decided you to offer our valuable donors and customers FOUR of our Premium Templates (including our bestsellers Reign Pro and California) at once-in-a-lifetime discount bundle. This special bundle will be available until 20th January. So, act now! Do not forget to claim this discount!!

Grab bundle now

Your opinion is our fuel. Let us know what you think

We make mistakes.  We may be slow in support tickets response. We may not be making Templates as good as we were supposed to or we may be making products better than you expected! It is impossible for us to judge those by ourselves and it is simultaneously your right and duty to praise or criticise us. So, please suggest us on how to make better products for you or let us know if any of our products were unable to satisfy you.

So, How was your experience with ThemeWagon? Share your thoughts, praise us or bash us in the comments section below.

Thanks a lot for going through such a long article, that is our annual newsletter. We are happy and grateful to have you onboard with us. Think us as your trusted partner in web development and have a successful and efficient year of 2016!

Best of luck,
Team ThemeWagon.

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