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100 Free Best One Page Responsive HTML5 Templates

100 FREE Best One Page Responsive Bootstrap HTML5 Templates in 2015

Since before the first quarter of January 2014, when for the first time in world wide web history the number of users browsing internet from mobiles and handheld devices surpassed the number of users accessing from desktop, Bootstrap has become a must for every web developer. Emphasizing on ‘Mobile-first’ concept, Bootstrap ensures the responsiveness... read more

Top 10 Free HTML5 Bootstrap Restaurant Website Templates in 2016

Free HTML5 Bootstrap website templates are the best solution to create amazing and beautiful websites for your restaurants at a glance, even if you are a non-coder or having short of money? The only work – is to find out the unique responsive website template that matches your personal or your client’s requirements. Today,... read more

Top 10 Free Photography Website Bootstrap Templates in 2016

Free HTML5 Bootstrap website templates for Photography are the best solution to create amazing and beautiful websites for your creative arts at a glance, even if you are a non-coder or having short of money? The only work – is to find out the unique responsive website template that matches your personal or your... read more

Top 10 Free Admin Dashboard Backend Bootstrap HTML5 Templates in 2016

Admin dashboard templates play an important and magical role in the back end of every application, serving as a user interface for easy and secure management. Admin templates allow all users to catch every moments activity on their site, manage content, receive important notifications and perform quick customization with live changes. If you are... read more

Top 10 Free Multipurpose Bootstrap Templates in 2016

There are lots of Themes and Templates available in the marketplace. Among them, some are very good in quality but those are obviously premium and thus may cost which may not be affordable. To cope up the situation and for the sake of clients designers and developers all over the world are making lots... read more

Top 10 Free Agency Website Bootstrap Templates in 2016.

Are you tired of searching the product can give you the best service ? Are you confused with these enormous amount of products ? Need a hand ? Well then, give a shot here! There are so many web designers out there on the internet producing amazing agency templates. We have arranged some of... read more

How to upload files via FTP?

Sometimes you want to upload files in your server or hosting. You wonder which is the easy and right way to upload files in your server. And you come up with the term FTP. FTP is the easiest way to upload files to your server. This is also secured way to deal with the... read more

18 Best Free WordPress Blog Themes

WordPress is the most powerful and most preferred blogging platform worldwide. More than 28% of the total websites are powered by WordPress. It has become so popular due to it’s flexibility, ease of use, customization options and other useful features. Anyone can customize WordPress easily without coding knowledge. WordPress offers a wide range of... read more

How to Install WordPress Easily

How to Install WordPress Manually Most of the hosting provider provides QuickInstall feature, so it’s not necessary to install WordPress manually. If you are having trouble using QuickInstall or your hosting provider doesn’t have this feature enabled, you can install WordPress manually. This article covers everything step by step of this method. Step 1:... read more

17 Top websites to Get Best Free Mockups PSD

Thousands of designer everyday searches for free psd mockups. Mockups are great way to enhance your design work, it will smooth your design process and make your life easier with saving lot of time and effort. We have made a list of best free mockups PSD for designers. All purpose Pixeden Free web graphics,... read more

35+ Best WordPress Blog Themes for Bloggers 2016 free & premium

Are you trying to build your dream blog? And tired of looking for the right WordPress blog theme? Here is the handpicked list of 35+ best WordPress blog themes for bloggers in 2016. The presentation is crucial to your blog’s success, as they can capture visitors’ attention and persuade them to act. With stories... read more

Free eCommerce icons

Free eCommerce icons download If you are looking for stunning free eCommerce icons to download, this post will be helpful for you. I will suggest you to bookmark this post for future reference. Icons play vital role to attract your visitors and convert them into your customer by increasing conversion rates and making greater... read more

best free stock photos

Websites with the Best Free Stock Photos

Whenever we ask our designers to design something, the most hassling part of their task seems to be searching for the suitable best free stock photos for the job. Yes, photography itself is a very tough skill that requires a lot of practice over years and demands hard sweat. We are very grateful to... read more

best Bootstrap4 HTML5 template

Tangled in onepage/multipage confusion? Just use Boots4

Now I can put a website in my wallet! -that’s the first thing that came to my mind when I first saw this HTML5 template. Well, if you are a visually biased person, you too are bound to agree with me that this is the best Bootstrap4 HTML5 template designed so far. A few months... read more

best html templates february 2016

Have nothing to do on Valentine’s day?

What is the most hyped thing about the month of February? Definitely, it’s Valentine’s Day- The most widely celebrated occasion which is actually celebrated by more people that celebrate Christmas, making the former an occasion which truly breaks the barriers of race, colour, nationality or religion! But who are we kidding? As a part... read more

Thank You Bundle: Unbelievable discount up for grabs!

2015 was a BLAST! In that year, we, ThemeWagon achieved almost all of our goals and a few Though, we have ended a successful year with outcomes more than we anticipated, we never deviated from our primary objective, which is to help you guys as much as we can at the lowest possible cost.... read more

Customizing Premium HTML Templates – A Complete Guideline

What is this Article about? If you google Customizing Premium HTML Templates, you will literally see thousands of tutorials and lessons on that topic. But why should you “waste” your time reading this article? Well, you won’t be “wasting” your time, that’s why! Some of the tutorials you will see on the internet are... read more